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Uno Iii Streetbike Kicks Into Gear

Posted on April 22, 2011 by , with 28698 views

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Our recent article on the UNO motorbike caused a stir, attracting lots of attention and being our most commented on gadget to date. Many debated if the bike was genuine, but let's put this discussion to bed and begin a new debate.

Let's look at the latest instalment from the UNO team, aptly named the UNO III Streetbike. This bike looks incredible, and will surely help in impressing your friends, once you've gotten used to the controls. The UNO III Streetbike is not marketed towards kids, not exclusively down to the steep £8,500, but due to the fact that it does look genuinely quite dangerous. What makes this bike unique is its ability to switch between a two-wheeled dicycle into a three-wheeled sports bike. This can be done with a quick flick of a switch, and can be switched back again if necessary just as easily.

The UNO III looks almost like some sort of transformer as it sits on its two back wheels, powered by internal gyros which control the stability of the bike, allowing it to remain upright and safe even through the sharpest of turns. As you build up speed, the third wheel folds out automagically, whilst the back wheels both slide backwards to convert the bike into a fully functioning street bike.

Charging up the bike will take approximately four hours, allowing for a 30 mile range to be enjoyed. In motorcycle mode, the bike can reach 30mph and in UNO mode the maximum speed that can be reached is 15mph.

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It's great to read something that's both enjyobale and provides pragmatisdc solutions.

Submitted by Aspen

4pdkho major thanks for the blog post.really thank you! Awesome.

Submitted by bookmarkin

This is such an awesome bike

Submitted by bruse

Wooow budy like it to buy

Submitted by vishal meh

Superb invention....
waiting for results...

Submitted by Sagar Mang

Exciting i've better but that one!!!

Submitted by Skull

Nice byke .....................
something new thinking of inventer....................

Submitted by nikel

That looks dope lol I would totally get that !! :)

Submitted by tameaka

If in future you mcan sell this is it expensive because I like it

Submitted by Evan

Nice approch...:p m crazy about bike...:d

Submitted by adDy Babwa

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