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Uno Motorbike Leans Into Action

Posted on April 28, 2008 by , with 32767 views

Uno Motorbike Leans Into Action

For travel, many of us opt for a motorbike, whist very few of us have the time to learn to ride the more comical unicycle. Well, an 18 year-old scientist by the name of Ben J. Poss Gulak, has decided to merge both modes of transport, and develop what he has termed, 'Uno'. The bike caught the attention of many attendees to the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto, either because they thought it was cool or to determine what it actually was. The common wheel set-up, of one at the back and one at the front has been revolutionised into two wheels sitting side by side. The Uno also utilises rear footpegs and a considerably smaller chassis.

Amazingly, the Uno weighs only 120lbs and has no controls, except for a simple on/off switch. In order to move, you lean your body in the direction, so leaning back kicks the Uno into reverse. The Uno's speed id controlled by how far you lean forward or back and is completely controlled by an ECU (electronic control unit) which is attached to the motor. The Uno is currently a one-off, but looks and sounds very cool indeed!

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How much mph those it go up to


Submitted by Jeff

Damn,i‘m gonna buy one!!

Submitted by Brian

I will stick to my hayabusa I think

Submitted by bob

Uno 4 life

Submitted by jeff

How can you do this work

Submitted by vivnk

It is cool

Submitted by vivnk


Submitted by vivnk

Don't daredevils out there that there is a bar for danger? This is crossing the line! Wind could pick up and easily through the bike across the pavement! Plus it's unbalanced!
don't buy this what so ever!

Submitted by Gavin Worl

Ffp9q8 thanks-a-mundo for the blog.much thanks again. Really cool.

Submitted by crork

Sagar mang: what's the matter with you? Superb? Who are you kidding? Do you even know what's going on out here? My goodness.. Shame on you for misleading them.

Submitted by Are you su

How on earth do we park that thing? In terms of securitty,
someone could just walk up and take it away..

not a good idea!

Submitted by Hell no

Woooohooo this is great!!! How much is it!!!

Submitted by beatrice

Lmfao thats impossible.. Are you stupid? I think you are, you would tip over retard.

Submitted by shelby&amp

that is for hippys who think if you only have one tire it ll save the earth

Submitted by poopy

I am awsome 8) 8)

Submitted by Anonymous

Wow iys sexy I would ride that all day :lol: :p :)

Submitted by newkid


















Submitted by Johnny B

this is beast

Submitted by andrew bil


i need one

thats cool

Submitted by bob

U peeps tht dont like it need 2 chill iu ur such a lier!!!!!!

Submitted by Alejandra


:d :roll: :) ;) :p :( :lol: :oops: :? 8)

Submitted by moose

Ccccooool :? 8) :d :oops: :lol: :roll: :) :( :p ;)

Submitted by keeton

Dear sir,
i am very interested in the uno can I get the address and email contact of mr.ben gulak.
kidly assist me.
khem parsram
[email protected]

Submitted by KHEM PARSR

Where do I get this can any one tell me the cost :d

Submitted by bhargavcho

I have already got one of theys and it killed my bro :oops:

Submitted by iu

If this is impossible, then that would mean the unicycle is impossible. Since the unicycle exists, this must be possible.

Submitted by Random per

Very cool bike whats the brand

Submitted by meissy

Reminds me of cycles with one wheel in circus!!!

Submitted by anishjp

Reminds me of "kirby: air ride" for the nintendo gamecube

Submitted by Rawr

I rekon it gd yu knw...jheeeeeze

Submitted by Dubz

Great invention.... How many deaths are you expecting in ten days?

Submitted by ban22

This is really cool but
i would really like to see a price. I still can't decide is it's real or not but it's pretty convincing so put a price up!!! :? 8) :oops: :d :lol: :roll: :( :) :p ;)

Submitted by A smelly m

Yeah pretty cool it hepled me with a project thanks for making that awesome invention and you seriously need to give me one!! 8)

Submitted by a midget

Its a cool looking death trap... 8)

Submitted by Sammy Kilo

The solo wheel moto bike looks so amazing, beautifull and beleiable.i would like to be his sales agent in dubai,uae.
[email protected]

Submitted by khem

Hello dechlan :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :p

Submitted by luke

Wowwwwwww that is coollllll man that is sososososo cooooooollllllllll man hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????>

Submitted by zester

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Submitted by Malory

Guys!!!!!!!! This is a recession bike. Go for it!!!

Submitted by SCORP!!!!

It is a very cool machine indeed. Anyone that feels like it is fake, or needs to make fun of other peoples ideas to feel better about themselves can go to hell. You people make me so mad. Why comment on something if it is negative. How about constructive criticism. Or are you all too stupid for that?

Submitted by Mr.NiceGuy

Hahaha :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

Submitted by zmae

Where on earth can you buy this cool, awesome invention? 8) :d :roll: ;) :p

Submitted by George Jou

Hey this is the best invention ever. It think its.....awesomeeee!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous

:oops: crap! Fake! Impossible! If ever that thing is real, then riding that bike is suicidal! Who would ever fall for that? So damn stupid! The picture is edited! Haha. That thing is shit.

Submitted by equidox

Hello to all ! Greetings from poland. Very good page !

Submitted by greetingsf

Im going to hurt my ass if I fall of it!

Submitted by no clu

Yo man this is awesome I want one of this. :d :d :d :d

Submitted by Justin

Wow kids u dont need to tell the world about ur personal life

Submitted by Anonymous

It is very nice but y dont uderstand hov do you drive it.becuse it is weard while you can fall down or hit somweare???????

Submitted by mare

Your message here.. ;) :p :) :( :( :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops: :d 8) :?

Submitted by Anonymous

If I were to ever ride one of those, I would totally kill myselffff. I cant even drive a 4wheelerr withoutt crashing. I guess it takes somee skill to ride on of thosee. Butt its sweet. :p

Submitted by blah

Idk. I just miss old times. And now that your with someone we cnt do anything. Cuz im afraid shell kick my ass. =/hahahaa. Not really.

Submitted by timmy

This mite be awkard but do you still wish more appened that nite?

Submitted by hung like

Idk. I just miss old times. And now that your with someone we cnt do anything. Cuz im afraid shell kick my ass. =/hahahaa. Not really.

Submitted by timmy

Me too. Do you still wish we could go back to that nite I first came over again?

Submitted by bob

Like around last year when we started hanging out and stuff like that.

Submitted by bobby

I love david spring very much and miss the old times. =/

Submitted by Anonymous

Stevie brown is the coolest person ever and I love her!!!! :d

Submitted by David

I love david spring very much and miss the old times. =/

Submitted by Anonymous

Stevie brown is the coolest person ever and I love her!!!! :d

Submitted by David

Stevie brown watchs youporn all nite lol :p

Submitted by stevie bro

David you better stop this right now.

Submitted by dawn.

Stevie is confused abuot her sexuality. Lol lol lol

Submitted by stevie bro

David likes men on his facee.
:lol: :lol: :p :roll: :d 8)

Submitted by david spri

This is awsome 8) 8) 8) :d :d

Submitted by stevie suc

Wayy coool! Haha. I would hurt my self with it though. :d

Submitted by stevie&amp

Slyuehjgflvsejrhtfgalwejfwghlsuefkgale :oops: :d :? Javascript:smilie(':p')

Submitted by rG;IHSDF,J

Dude I bought 12132116519644949 of these things I lovge new hampshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by ima pig

Nice crackhead idea :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Submitted by david rive

Its so kool :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d

Submitted by blah

If you have a craving for a gay a$$ motorcycle this is for you!!!

Submitted by ANONAMIS

Hahahahaha, that shit is cool!! I want one.

Submitted by tony

I hate everyone im going to kill myself tonight

Submitted by Anonymous

This is gay
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Submitted by ANTHONY FR

This is awsome I would so get 1 if I wasnt poor and when 2 this poor retarded school

Submitted by bob

Your message here.. :d :? :? :? 8) :oops: :d :lol: :roll: :( :) :p ;) :) :( :roll: 8) :? :d :lol: :) :p ;) :lol: 8) :? :d :roll: :lol:

Submitted by eswar

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Submitted by anonymous

Your message here.. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :?

Submitted by 45

Its a crazy idea.. I want a go :lol:

Submitted by jimmyjayju

What the hell this a big huge shit fuck bitch asshole son of a bitch

Submitted by ser t the

That thing is awsum!!!!!!!!! :d :d :d

Submitted by bob

Your message here.. :roll:

Submitted by .......

Oh what a awsme motor one wheel I like that :lol:

Submitted by Anonymous

How much are you selling them for

Submitted by nathan her

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Submitted by vajeokaq

Yh u tell em sponge bob
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Submitted by patrick(2

I just did an sa on this :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Submitted by sas

Beastly!! I want this thing!!

Submitted by A building

Stop being so silly! None of you will ever create somthing as inguinius as me so just go away!

Submitted by Ben J. Pos

:? 8) :oops: :d :lol: :roll: :( :) :p ;) :p :p :? :? :p :oops:

Submitted by tom bolton

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Submitted by will

That bike iz az good az ur mom

Submitted by Ur mom

Sick bike :)
but tbh its gonna be hard 2 control :? :?

Submitted by Barnz3y

Sick bike but might be hard to control :? 8) :oops: :d :lol: :roll: :( :) :p ;)

Submitted by Will (hayb

It's a coool idea but it ewould be hard to balance on ... Sick bike though tbf.... :) :roll: :lol: :d 8) :p

Submitted by tom b ....

I think safety is to consider.

Submitted by jitsu

Boleyla den bwk jalan2 kat matriks pilah nie... :) :) :)

Submitted by zarith

Cool 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Submitted by william

Cool man.. How u made tat.. :p :roll: :lol: :? :d :)

Submitted by parthiban

Wow its a monobike like from that anime venus wars from the 80s wondered if thats was possible...

Submitted by Anonymous

8) nice bike dude 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Submitted by bob

:lol: .,.,ganda and weird.,.,hehehe

Submitted by heheh

Amazing, I like this,,,,, :roll:

Submitted by Anonymous

Amazing, I like this,,,,,

Submitted by Anonymous

Love it!!! I can use it as my assignnment in science!!!

Submitted by lovella

Hello my name is fatima .i know it
is very cute and vauable

Submitted by fatima

Yayboiyour message here.. 8)

Submitted by Anonymous

How the hell does it stay up. It looks like it would flip backwards when you gas on it... :?

Submitted by teknical88

Hi ma name is bob thie is reelly col I wante 1 reel bade.

Submitted by Gina

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Submitted by Anonymous

Beastly!! I want this thing!! :d

Submitted by Fencer95

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