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I Garment Fire Protective Suit

Posted on October 29, 2007 by , with 9107 views

I Garment Fire Protective Suit

Raging fires, as we are all aware of, can cause great destruction on both an economic level and more seriously on peoples lives, possessions and memories. Those who tackle the blazes in an effort to control the flames have their work cut out for them, so it is imperative that fire-fighters are given the best protection.

Protection has progressed in the form of a body suit known as the I Garment Fire Suit, which protects the body from flames thanks to the materials used. The I garment also features a set of sensors which monitor vital signals, which in turn are transmitted via wireless to a base station.

The suit was developed by yDreams for the European Space Agency (ESA). Despite offering an enormous degree of protection, the suit also offers comfort and flexibility. The sensors include telecommunication, localization, alert and processing hardware which collect data from the fire-fighter regarding the fighter's vital signs and transmits them, in real time, to a remote station, most probably the fire engine.

The data is then monitored and dissected, which the base can then send further instructions to a fighter's PDA which can inform them of appropriate action to take.

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What sort of material is used to make the suit?

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