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Ultimate Portable Water Cooler

Posted on April 21, 2016 by , with 5161 views

Ultimate Portable Water Cooler

Welcome to the gadget universe this fully functional water cooler, which can filter water from any given source, including rivers, streams and creeks, into fresh purified drinking water.

The cooler includes a 110V AC and 12V DC battery, and the case itself is extremely durable. Being small and compact, the cooler is very portable allowing you to set off on an expedition without it weighing you down.

The water cooler is ideal for hunting, camping, hiking and any other outdoor activity that may be of interest to you. So try it out, and enjoy fresh water in any corner of the world.

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Who was discovered this thing ?

Submitted by chetan

Who is the one who invented this?

Submitted by Herna J

It is the best invention

Submitted by vivek para

What a fantasy invention today we will not be able to drink water

Submitted by Luyanda

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