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InventionReaction is your source for invention patents and help with invention funding for new inventors. With guidance on how to patent an invention idea, InventionReaction is your best resource for information.

What is a patent? We simplify the patent process, making it easier for you as an inventor.

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Top 10 Inventions Of All Time

The top inventions of all time - very much a subjective issue and one which there is no clear answer. This is Invention Reaction's top ten inventions list - if you agree / disagree don't hesitate to let us know by contacting us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

How To Market Your Invention

OK, so you have the next big idea, but remain uncertain as to how best to go about showcasing your brilliant new concept to the masses, without the marketing power of a multi-national corporation. It's time to market your invention, and with our advice, you should begin to gain a better understanding of the procedures to follow and how to receive some recognition for your bright spark idea. First of all, ensure that your invention's prototype is in the best possible condition. You will...

Five Key Factors To Consider About Your Invention

It can prove difficult, as well as confusing, to transform your invention into reality from an initial concept. Without assistance, ordinary matters become difficult, whether it be deciding whom you need to speak to, ways to patent your invention or which path you need to take while pursuing it. Below are five key factors that you need to consider regarding your invention. 1. Find out the problems that your invention might likely solve. Every great idea stems from the attempts at solving...

How To Think Up A Profitable Invention

The best way to invent something that would be profitable is to make a note of all the problems people currently face. This needs to be your prime objective as an inventor. The trick is very simple. You need to invent something that turns out to be a solution for many people, who are facing a particular kind of a problem. Once your invention succeeds in reducing the number of problems that people face, you are sure to get the desired appreciation, thereby making the invention highly...

Benefits Of Becoming An Inventor

The power of becoming an inventor and the results of successful inventions can be rewarding in terms of both personal achievement and financial fruition. Becoming an inventor can help to further your career, launch your own business idea; create a supplementary income and much more. Let's look at some of the benefits of becoming an inventor in the modern world. Develop Your Resume The term inventor carries a lot of weight, especially when used on job application...

Do I Need A Patent Before I Submit Invention Ideas

Any invention idea protected by an invention patent offers the owner of the patent definitive rights. Those ideas not protected by a patent, or unfeasible as a patent, can be used freely by anyone, which subsequently can drive down the commercial value of the idea. Patenting invention ideas is of the utmost importance in ensuring that your idea is protected and belongs explicitly to you. Submitting invention ideas to large companies can contain complex legal issues, such as joint...

How To Protect Your Invention Idea

For many inventors coming up with a new idea is a long and painful process. It is not as simple as thinking of a new product, making it and putting it out for sale. You have to make sure the idea is unique, do market research to make sure it is something that people really want, build and rebuild your idea and make many adjustments. This whole process can take years and become very expensive. This is why it is very important to protect you invention idea so that no one can steal it. It would...

How To Patent An Invention Idea

What is an invention patent? So what exactly is a patent? A patent is a legal right which offers the patentee a monopoly to manufacture, utilise or sell their own invention, legally, over a specific amount of time. A patent is accepted and issued in exchange for the invention specifics. Patents are not mandatory; however it is important to stress the importance of engaging in the patent process. Once details enter the public domain regarding the invention, application...

Invention Funding With Options For New Inventors

Invention Funding Overview Invention Funding helps any aspiring inventor to proceed with their invention idea by offering financial support. Many elaborate inventions never fulfil their full potential due to lack of funds or poor financial management. This article discusses the viable options available to an inventor and the routes which can be taken. Each funding source is completely down to the individual's circumstances, so considering an array of revenue sources...

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