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Hovering Picture Photo Frame Lamp

Posted on February 28, 2008 by , with 10609 views

Hovering Picture Photo Frame Lamp

Floating object inventions have received a lot of attention lately, especially the article IR observed regarding the Crealev Hover Lamp.

Many of these gadgets make great use of the properties of magnets to create this hovering effect, by engaging magnets set upon opposite poles. The effect is rather unique and almost magic-like. The latest gadget to utilise this concept is a picture frame, which appears to suspend in mid air between two ends of what seems to resemble a desk lamp, but does not emit light, only acts as a magnetic force to hover the picture.

With three various styles, including an artistic base, original base and a cosmic base - every idea has been designed and produced. Simply position the photo frame, which holds two pictures, between the "lamp" and watch your own pictures descend from mid-air.

The lamp sells for a reasonable $20.00 and is sure to turn heads of any guests.

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Submitted by Charlotte

Everyone that commented is like 14. Where are your teachers?!

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Submitted by Elvira

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Submitted by Anonymous

Lake shore high school sucks 8)

Submitted by Jessica

:d im in school it sucks but this looks cool :p lol

Submitted by Jessica

I think this type of technology is interesting,because it floats like magic!!!

Submitted by tyme rolli

:) really not gonna lie this thing is pretty amazing :lol:

Submitted by imamngirl

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Submitted by MC lovin

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Submitted by :[

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Submitted by ?!?!?!?!?!

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Submitted by ?????????

Woahh thats awesome! :lol:

Submitted by no name

That is the weirdest thing I have ever seen :?

Submitted by ???

Yo rin wat school u go to I am
doin a tech ed report also.
mya teacher is mr.rains :roll:

Submitted by XD

This thing is cool I think it works good it is weird just seeing things floating but its nice to have! :oops: :lol:

Submitted by britney

This little floating object thingy is awsome.really it and my tech ed group are about to write a report thingy on it...good going really.

Submitted by rinn

This is tite!! Its like floating and stuff!! Haha I would soo buy one of these thingys!!

Submitted by jessica

Hey this foating picture is awsome!!! I would totaly buy one if I had money!

Submitted by Shelby

This invention is so cool!!!!! I would totally buy like 10!!!!!!!!! 8)

Submitted by Darcy Hoov

Your message here.. :oops: :roll: :) :) :) ;) :p :( :roll: :) :lol: :d :? :oops:

Submitted by Anonymous

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