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Crealev Hover Lamp

Posted on November 1, 2007 by , with 9122 views

Crealev Hover Lamp

Add a little more lighting to your home with the hovering lamp. The lamp's main shade hovers above the base, in a futuristic style, sure to impress any guests who come round. The company behind the product is Crealev, who allegedly host an entire line of hovering objects.

So how is the floating technique achieved? No one outwith the company actually know as the secret is kept strictly within the walls of the company. Crealev did however issue the following statement when questioned; "We have discovered a new levitation concept which is able to produce a very high levitation height combined with a low power dissipation and excellent stability", obvious fans of their own development.

If this technique proves a success how long will it be before the process is applied to other products to achieve similar effects? For instance floating fish tanks, hover board or levitating bicycles to name a few off the top of my head. The answer belongs, for the moment, exclusively to Crealev, and depends on whether or not they will develop further products themselves or sell the concept to another manufacturer.

It just goes to show, that the technology is now here for such changes to happen and such changes will be imminent and more impressive as time progresses. As long as Crealev keep their feet firmly on the ground defying gravity will be sure to take off.

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Thank you, shandra!! After your clients' lamps are iltsanled, be sure to snap a few pretty photos and submit them to us for our spotlight series. We love to feature our designers who use mottega on our blog!

Submitted by Joao

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Submitted by Elma

Wuwgek nzyeknwa ttllawqm pcezcyst

Submitted by aquista vi

I think it looks really cool...i only hope that its not that much in cost!! ;)

Submitted by jessica

It is just used to mock things up! Meaning it sucks!!! The worst thing ever invented! S*^$t man!

Submitted by hance

This is cool. 8) we like them all.

yeah! :lol:

Submitted by phobe

Wow thats neat :d I wonder how long till we have hovering stuff other than a lamp :roll: jsut imagine that! Hovering bags! No more carying heavy items :p

Submitted by Nettle

It looks pretty cool I like it I would ooo buy it :d :) ;) :p

Submitted by kim

I think it works on d magnetic field
... But it looks cool .... Whatz d cost
..... :lol:

Submitted by Anonymous

That thing looks sweet! Next.... The hover car!!!!


Submitted by blank

A floating lamp is unbelievable who would of thought of it

Submitted by brandon he

A floating lamp is unbelievable who would of thought of it

Submitted by brandon he

Um...this is really ugly but cool in a dumb way...grandma's house we go

Submitted by Anonymous

Intresting development,maybe its application to automobiles may reduce greenhouse effects :d

Submitted by NEN

How much does it cost? :d

Submitted by JFTB

Lol my guess 98% chance its a magnet b/c if the product is being sold its being sold the secret is being sold to anyone w/ the ability to reverse engineer

Submitted by pownthenub

Bring on the hover board! 8)

Submitted by fish

It's terrific! It has a very broad application of phsics.

Submitted by hulkhogan

Hover lamp is the coolest stuff I ever seen :roll:

Submitted by satish

I think the hover lamp is the greatest thing I have ever seen on this website 8)

Submitted by juan.c.bor

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