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D Skin Protective Seal For Cds And Dvds

Posted on November 16, 2007 by , with 8445 views

D Skin Protective Seal For Cds And Dvds

Frustrated with how easily CD's and DVD's can become scratched leaving them rendered useless, or to pause half way through?

This simple, yet effective idea from D_Skin prevents this from occurring and leaves you assured that all your discs are protected and immune to scratched surfaces.

The cover skins are simple and easy to affix, ready to be applied in seconds and ensuring a permanent seal, which allows the disc to be played without fear of damaging the disc.

Quoted as 'Snaps on, Plays On and always Stays On', the D Skin Protective Disc Skins include a patented clear skin which clip effortlessly onto any disc with the aid of the LipLock seals which come included.

The skins do not degrade sound quality, file integrity or interfere with the laser. The skins are an innovative idea for exchanging discs with friends without the fear of leaving the discs vulnerable to accidental sabotage. Furthermore, the CD's do not require boxes, since the degree of protection offered by the skin itself is more than enough.

So to prolong the life of your discs, look to D_Skin; safe in the comfort that your disc's lifespan will be lengthened, and remain scratch free.

For more information, visit The D_Skin Website

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What great idea, it clips on and is a great insurance policy, I have scrached load of discs so for me it is great

Submitted by ian

I dont like this idea because it sounds stupid and thats why we have cases

Submitted by Alyssa

You have sample for that invention? Really cool ha... ;) 8) :)

Submitted by shangg

Cool!! But what if you don't apply it properly. Sometimes sticky thigs accidently get stuck on wrong. :roll:

Submitted by Holly

I am so stealin dis idea!! :lol:

Submitted by unknown ha

I think this invention sucked when I bought it... Sorry. :(

Submitted by matt bayle

Interesting! I want to try it!

Submitted by CONFUCURIU

Well it seems a little unrealistic. Like it might not work as well as you say it does. But whatever. 8)

Submitted by bananaface

This seems kind of really silly but okay I guess :oops:

Submitted by idk

The invetion's really great!! :p two thumbs up for the inventor! Hahahaha!!! :p

Submitted by Jamie A. D

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