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Ntt Power Sandals Or An Incomplete Prototype

Posted on October 20, 2008 by , with 18091 views

Ntt Power Sandals Or An Incomplete Prototype

Here's an energy saving shoe which looks more like a broken electronic sandal. This is NTT's debut effort at creating a pair of power packing sandals, but unfortunately, despite the best of intentions, the visual aesthetics of the shoe leave a lot to be desired. These shoes are made to transform walking; into energy, but this latest gadget looks like a half-finished prototype more than a revolutionary new product. The shoe is designed to allow you to charge your gadgets, such as your mobile phone or i-pod, whilst you are on the move.

NTT have a lot of work to do to make these appear fashionable in the slightest, or even safe enough to walk with. Sadly, I suggest walking all the way back to the drawing board and improving the look and feel of their product.

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Ive seen teenage girls wear crapper shoes than this

Submitted by bob

Mil gracias x subir los promo only k la vedrad estan super, solamente kisiera comentar y recordar k el link 9 del urban video de sep no a sido arreglado,solo espero k lo reparen para poder descomprimirlo. Gracias.

Submitted by Payal

Back to the drawing board and to square one. Pity on this invention it looks very promising. The concept is amazing if one realizes it's potentials. For me I have something in mind already. No I am not going to steal this design!

Submitted by prototypin

It looks ugly be coz its a prototype

Submitted by eagle

Awesome :d but it look ugly :oops: :? 8) :d :lol: :roll: :) :( :p ;) :l

Submitted by me

This is not a dumb invention. If you were able to make these fashionable they could definantly change our world.

Submitted by AdamG

Couldnt have been more uglier

Submitted by de

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Submitted by Amiri

Wait so if my cell is out of battery I could put them on and plug the cord into my cell and talk

Submitted by taylor

Make some ways or redesign to be more convenient for the user

Submitted by donskie_09

Looks like something uncomfortable 2 wear...basically, it looks like crap

Submitted by XLR

I wish I could get that....

Submitted by a

Woww, weirdestt thing ever.

Submitted by TLNx075

Dummest invention ive ever heard of

Submitted by casey

Huhh ?? Yumm poptarts! :d

Submitted by blah

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Submitted by Anonymous

Dat look like puke~! :oops:

Submitted by Aleecya

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Submitted by nicole

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Submitted by ubergaydl

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Submitted by Anonymous

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Submitted by Pat

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Submitted by ubergadyl

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Submitted by mary

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Submitted by ubergadyl

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Submitted by Pat

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Submitted by ubergadyl

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Submitted by Pat

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Submitted by Anonymous

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Submitted by ubergadyl

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Submitted by Pat

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Submitted by Pat

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Submitted by mary

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Submitted by monti

I think that is heavy to wear,,..can you give me more inventions??..

Submitted by watashiwa!

Can you give me more latest inventionss..........? ;)

Submitted by Sarah

Dear author

I am doing a project of new technology and you did not say when will it be invented or the name of this company...

Submitted by Shi Qian S

This website rocks but it needs updating..
so u better update it or I will h*a*cc**kkk it...

Submitted by blackeagle

How does it save energy??:s

Submitted by lawrence

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