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Laser Cosmos Brings The Universe Into Your Room

Posted on October 3, 2009 by , with 24314 views

Buy Now Laser Cosmos Brings The Universe Into Your Room

Just occasionally a product comes along that simply blows us away. We get to see a lot of crazy and sometimes brilliant inventions, but Laser Cosmos is without a doubt the most superb one we've seen. There is no product out there that comes even close to the sheer excellence of this galactic wonder - sorry to sound quite so effusive, but really, it's staggering.

Imagine lying in your room, and having the ceiling whipped away to reveal the vast outreaches of the cosmos whirling overhead, complete with misty blue nebulae (which you can turn on and off!) and the occasional shooting star. Fully adjustable and requiring no set up, this super powerful space projector scatters a random panoply of sparkling green stars that will fill any room from the tiniest bedroom to the largest warehouse with a crystal clear animated star display. What's so clever about this (apart from everything of course) is that it seems so three-dimensional, the varying brightness of different stars makes some seem close and others to come from distant galaxies.

Created from powerful green laser and holographic technology, a display this bright and clear has never been available before. It's utterly mesmerising, and had us transfixed for hours (literally). Whether you're zoning out to music, throwing a party or just chilling, this stunning cosmic light show is like nothing we've ever seen before. Truly one of the most amazing light shows you will see anywhere.


* Romantic, mesmerising star and cloud projector.
* The Laser Cosmos will fill any room, no matter how big or small with a carpet of stars, blue clouds (optional), and even shooting stars.
* The Laser Cosmos itself is shaped like a funky 3D star.
* The Laser Cosmos can be pivoted to any angle.
* A Laser Stars projector lens.
* A cloud formation projector lens.
* A cloud brightness control.
* The projector is self-focussing.
* For best results use in total darkness.
* Use for no more than four hours at a time (the On/Off switch is helpful here).
* Suitable for ages 8 years+.
* Requires a mains adaptor (UK adaptor included).
* Size: 29 x 25 x 20cm.

You can pick up one of these little beauties from the IWOOT Store.

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Some people are really

Submitted by edyuvnj

This invetion is amazing. I love this

Submitted by Mr. Gianni

This product can cause cancer. My husband bought one and almost had cancer. I live in a high cancer place so I have to be aware

Submitted by Anonymous

Wonderful story, reckoned we could coibmne a few unrelated data, nevertheless really worth taking a look, whoa did one learn about mid east has got more problerms as well

Submitted by Moolapoo

This was fantastic.i used this for my assignment.thank you for this website

Submitted by kajal soni

This is amazing I could use this for my speech

Submitted by corbin

This is a amazing invention.
thanks, I needed to find a invention for my homework, and I just found one. Thank you this website a lot !!!

~ t h o m a s >_

Submitted by T h o m a

i really like this invention and i'd like to purchase one item as a sample then if my people like it i'll go to a bulk with and make some money together.
kind regards!
her's my e-mail: [email protected]

Submitted by diouane me

Hahah .. Amazing !! It's like we've been to outer space already .. Hahahah ..

Submitted by astig!

This is one of the best inventions ever [:

Submitted by nato53

This is one of the best inventions ever [:

Submitted by nato53

Dis is a good invention even 4 hoboz who r high on crak :?

Submitted by ur momz

I actually own one n its soo amazin! Its even better wen tha lights r out n gettin high wit my boy friend while listenin tah techno :lol: :d ;) :p

Submitted by sally

This is one of the most awesome things i've ever seen. Seriously. 8)

Submitted by kurtsie~gl

I love this enventon I think i`ll get 1 so I can go to sleep more faster haha really ;)

Submitted by Sexy101

Your message here.. :lol: :roll: :d :oops: :? 8) :( :) :p ;) ;) I don't get this

Submitted by rrrrrrrrrr

I love this! I own it and its amazing not joking it looks like your roof is in the sky!

Submitted by brenna

The picture looks pretty neat. Not too sure if it will sell though.

Submitted by Amorita Ma

:? :( I dont really get this ???

Submitted by elmo

Good invention! Cnung gumwa haha

Submitted by clarissa c

This is so freeekkkkkinn awesome :d :d

Submitted by Anonymous

8) :p :) :d :d :d :d :d that is the coolest thing

Submitted by meeeeeeeee

Wow that is cool 8) 8) 8) :d

Submitted by charlie cr

I will introduce this kind of invention to my instructor and classmates.... This can be my research paper :) ;)

Submitted by great irog

Am o idee !

Submitted by eu039

Shoooooo haida
ya salaaaaam
shooooooo bei5a :p

Submitted by RRRRRRRR

Considering the amount of light polution in cities all around the world, this is an amazing invention for anyone who likes looking up at the stars. Where I live, the only way to see the sky without a streetlight getting in the way is a hike of a mile or two up a mountain, away from any roads. And even then, much of the sky is obscured. Thank you, whoever invented this. And as for you people that say this invention is stupid, you're idiots, as we can see from the grammar and spelling you displayed in your comment. If you don't like it, don't look at it or bother all of us with your pointless comments.

Submitted by stupid peo

Iwould so buy this and put it in my room !!! :lol: :d :d 8) :p :) :) :)

Submitted by Kynderella

Sashim and cinderalla are stupid

Submitted by drd

I think I can use to surprise someone... Amazing... My future children will like this stuff.

Submitted by drew

Looks neat, I think i'll purchase one

Submitted by thepenisin

Dis shit is stupid! Its the most retarded thing I hav ever seen! Who ever wants dis in their room r dumbasses cuz dat means they hav no life.ugh wut a stupid invention! :p

Submitted by cinderella

Omg I luv the star thing and I luv lights in my room! Iv got like 20000000 different lights in my room and I am going to buy this thing now! I luv it I luv iti luv it I luv it :lol:

Submitted by omg i luv

Omg this is like the awesomest invention ever!!!!! I luv u ashley and kevin and zoey and alec!!!!!!!! My honors technology class rocks :lol:

Submitted by Aria Rox u

:roll: :oops: :? :) :( ;) :p :p :p 8)
...whahahahha.. Like it or not?!?!?!

Submitted by slydianzz

Its good for poor country

Submitted by sashim

Wow!!!... Gravehh...!!chafa nah

Submitted by mark josep

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