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Centaurus 2 Solar Powered Vehicle

Posted on May 9, 2010 by , with 27392 views

Centaurus 2 Solar Powered Vehicle

Solar powered vehicles are beginning to be developed and introduced as our modern world goes 'green'. In a bid to create the best solar powered vehicle, to participate in the 2010 American Solar Challenge, a 1100 mile race from Tulsa to Chicago, emerges the Centaurus 2. The Centaurus 2, made by The Solar Vehicle Project team, looks to be powered by three wheels with the driver off the vehicle positioned off center.

The Centaurus is approximately three feet tall, sixteen feet long and six feet wide. The car weighs around 400 pounds, which in comparison to a conventional car is rather light and should contribute towards improved aerodynamics.

The solar cells only appear to cover half of the car's casing. The entire casing may be covered by the time the car is ready to compete, depending on how much energy the car needs to absorb, store and generate.

It's always good to see developments in more environmentally friendly products, and although this is just one concept, there are sure to be other solar powered vehicles being developed at this same time, in preparation for the American Solar Challenge.

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I really like the solar powered car

Submitted by Amber Rose

I feel like people are just putting random names on this for their comments

Submitted by zgskuhgFJ


Submitted by me

Whens the race?

Submitted by Billy bob

This is gay and people who don't got cars need this. This right here is crap

Submitted by Mr. Gianni

Ohhhhhhhhh kill em

Submitted by terio

Keep these aitrlces coming as they've opened many new doors for me.

Submitted by Melly

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Submitted by crork

I think that there
should be more
vehicles that can
save the earth and
which can make sense

Submitted by vedant

The world is realy moving and people are very ambitous thisinvention is the eye .men them go invent every thing oooooooo!na waaooooooo!

Submitted by junior U.K

O god I want to ride this. Cool!!!!

Submitted by Biplov yog

This vehicle is gay it has two wheels with a turd head and a hamburger body i'd ride a motorcylce before I ride this.

Submitted by HakLay$

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Submitted by Katherine

That invention is so cool

Submitted by solanny

There is no way that you can make this product, "more green" then a normal car. A new honda civic gets about 28 - 30 miles to the gallon and this piece of crap gets infinity. Ok. But when you take into consideration of how much energy it took to produce and make, it has a negative effect on the planet. Same as hybrids the energy it takes to make one and break it down when it is done is far greater then the prosess of burning straight up fossil fuel

Submitted by Ricky

Plese creat it in car :lol:

Submitted by piyush

Nope. Sorry. There simply isn't enough solar energy incident on the size of a car to generate more that a few horsepower. Solar powered cars are not realistic, even if we make solar cells 100% efficient. Average retail is only about 10-15% efficient

Submitted by sam mechan

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Submitted by Kylie

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Submitted by sjdklJDSK

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Submitted by mohd alman

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Submitted by divine sha

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Submitted by Camilla

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Submitted by jothik

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Submitted by Tuti

It very useful for our future.......

Submitted by gnanam

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Submitted by Tooba

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Submitted by edrick ote

Veiv some vedio of solar powerd vecels

Submitted by asif

Whos made the solar vehicle

Submitted by vhinz

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Submitted by Dinethri s

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Submitted by Sumanth

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Submitted by lucharetsz

Improvment for more people carring capacity required

Submitted by Onkar

It's a good invention.inventories should make more research to make it more this invention.

Submitted by [email protected]

We will develope it more in india...but it is very dificult to design it for atleast 3 people....good trail...keep it up

Submitted by TRINA

Amazing ,cool .
most probably in india we'll be developing centaurus-3.atb

Submitted by Ankit

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