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Take A Power Nap On The Nappak

Posted on April 7, 2008 by , with 20466 views

Take A Power Nap On The Nappak

Power naps are fantastic, and also proven to rejuvenate a person during the day. We all long for these power naps, but unfortunately there is never a bed around at the time, especially in the work office, leaving you nodding off with your nose pressed hard down against the desk. Did you ever dream of a portable bed which you could quickly assemble and then catch up on some much needed sleep? Well, the solution to such problems has finally arrived.

A German study which was undertaken in 2004 concluded that a daily power nap can be beneficial in the workplace by both improving efficiency and morale. Designed by four students to demonstrate these findings, the Nappak was invented. The Nappak is essentially an inflatable bed which comes complete with an air compressor and rollers, but is at this moment merely a concept.

Adding such beds into the workplace will be rewarding for both the employees and employers, if these findings are correct - since efficiency and morale are the basis of any successful business organisation. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off for a power nap.

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Submitted by lolita

Wow! It's amazing. I'd love to buy one.

Submitted by Jiyoon Jeo

Most definately my favourite invention i've seen so far! :d

Submitted by Robert

I loooove sleep! This is for me!

Submitted by Anonymous

This really would be the same as bringing a reguluar infalatable matress to your office

Submitted by Anonymous

This is the most fantastical bed ever!!!!!!!!!! I soooooo wana bed lke this!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

Submitted by i luz my g

You a** this invention is the best one I have ever seen befoe I want this sexy thing

Submitted by You A**hol

Great invention maybe if americans caught up ontheir sleep they could wake up on the right side of the nappack

Submitted by Inventor

Hey bob.... :d :p
wats up??

Submitted by Claudia

Does anyone know who made this?

Submitted by kevin

Im so gona buy ths...
scns I hve so omch money!!! ;) ;) :p

Submitted by miley.cyru

Wow annie swif V hve da sme lat name!!!:) sweet!!! :lol: 8) ;) ;)

Submitted by Annie Sala

This is amazing but it looks kind of like a loaf of bread on the out side :lol:

Submitted by ,erjklverf

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Submitted by Dilys

Umm... It looks ok but what will it do to help our economy? >.> why don't we create something that will benefit the economy ,ne wakaru dehou?

Submitted by intoxicate

Sorta look like a loaf of bread on the outside :lol: .

Submitted by Cant tell

Omgg the nappak is so0o0ol c00o0ol I lovee itt !...its.....awesomeee!!!
and so is abbbyyy and ashley and hearts! I....looovveee themmmm ;) :p :p :( :) :roll: :lol: :oops: :d :? :oops: :d :roll: :) :( ;) :p

Submitted by BELJUNNNN!

I love this invention. Like, just saying that doesnt even show how much I love it. Like.... I lovveeeeee ittt !!!! .. In spirit of my bffl amanda .... So, yeah im gonna spread the awareness of the nappak, so like by the end of today .. The whole world will knoww !!!!! Kaythanks, love you all inventor peoplee !!!

Submitted by Abbbbbyyy!

I wouldd lovee thatt. But I would probably end up popping it :(

Submitted by blah

This is just and advanced version of a lilo lol. We can obviously tell alot of thinkin went on here.

Submitted by James Petf

I can take long naps on this with my cat. ;)

Submitted by rusty and

I think im the man but i'm really short, I have blonde hair but im really a dork :roll:

Submitted by Rw Willis

Dilhelm owns this shit back up fool

Submitted by Anonymous

Emac 227 owns this shit !! Biotch

Submitted by Emac

Logan double d was here bbiiitccchhhh!!!!!! You trippen

Submitted by Anonymous

Sick l double d for life!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous

It`s totally awesome! 8)

Submitted by Anonymous

It`s totally awesome! 8)

Submitted by Anonymous

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