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Sideways Bike A Bicycle With A Twist

Posted on July 16, 2007 by , with 18348 views

Sideways Bike A Bicycle With A Twist

In an effort to improve the flexibility of cycling on a regular bike, Michael Killian has invented a bicycle with a distinct twist, quite literally. The sideways bike allows the cyclist to travel sideways rather than straightforward with a more flexible and dynamic approach. All that is required by the cyclist is to convert the traditional left to right balance, to a more complicated front to back balance. All well in theory, but this change is more difficult to adapt to than one would think.

The bike also exhibits wheels which work independently allowing more control (after much practice) as to the direction you would like to manoeuvre in. With this in place, it becomes possible to move straight, diagonally even in circles if you so desire. Killian showcased his bike invention on the 'Would you make something better?' TV show, where the bike was first shown.

Anyone wishing to travel on this sideways bike is recommended to wear a helmet until you familiarize yourself with the controls. The bicycle is a strange idea, one which takes a common method of transport and makes it more difficult to use. It seems like Killian is simply re-inventing the wheel and going nowhere but downhill.

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Submitted by keonshia

Yess yess I am ghetto and what u got a problem if sooo can and solve it on this crazy invention ok lil people!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Submitted by kenoshia

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Submitted by kenoshia

Phillups z is awsome and that invention is so weird

Submitted by hnrjkgbdfj

This bike is gay.. Wht kind of bike has a twist shift.. This bike can go like hairy nuts. If yhu hve this bike throw it away. 8)

Submitted by LayHak

Hello this is rubbish!!!! 8)

Submitted by max

Im too lazy to read and the pics crap :( :roll:

Submitted by fake name

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Submitted by Jorge the

Hi em..its kinda wierd its not much different to a normal bike I have to say its kinda stupid! ;) 8)

Submitted by MissBeauti

Woow so much better thn a normal boring bike

Submitted by hi

Its wicked I really want to buy it :lol:

Submitted by luke

Your message here.. :oops: :? 8) :d :roll: :lol: :( :) :p ;)

Submitted by chris

Hi well I was riding this to my girlfriends house and I picked her up and then I jumped 13 buses and the take off was perfect but when we landed somthing terrible happened a fucken playpus ran on the track and he explode the damn thing is fuckin retarded!!!

Submitted by Anonymous

Haa sweeet. I would totally get itt. 8)

Submitted by blah

Thats nice 8) :d :) ;) :p

Submitted by omfg hi!

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Submitted by Zack Attac

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