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Scanner Cleverly Disguised As A Book

Posted on August 31, 2009 by , with 15621 views

Scanner Cleverly Disguised As A Book

What do you get if you cross a scanner with a book? Well, erm, one of these I guess. This idea seems a little bizarre, but it is definitely unique and actually makes a rather bland looking scanner look slightly more impressive. A scanner has been modified to appear like a book, and charted his progress on his own website. Being tired of the boring aesthetics of a flatbed scanner, DataMancer took it upon himself to solve this issue, and add a degree of style to it. By hollowing out a book, the scanner was placed inside, and I'm assuming that any type of book can be used to suit your own personality.

It's always the strangest ideas that seem to achieve the highest attention, and I wouldn't be surprised to see scanner modifications popping up all over the internet fairly soon. How about a scanner, disguised as a coffee table, or a scanner disguised as a lamp shade? Ok, now we're being silly�

You can view the scanner / book and the progress made throughout his modification at his website.

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Kill all potatos

Submitted by potatokill

Kill all potatos

Submitted by potatokill


Submitted by hi

The picture doesn't even look real. It looks like it is animated or maybe someone just doesn't even know how to take a decent picture. So that's what I think

Submitted by imani chil

Knckoed my socks off with knowledge!

Submitted by Gina

Wow that's amazing I want to get it!

Submitted by Da bin nam

73srkw this is one awesome blog article.thanks again. Keep writing.

Submitted by cheap seo

Why would u digise a scanner as a book? Its not like u need to hide ur scanner. And anyways why would u carry a scanner around with u???

Submitted by chuck

This is avery innovative invention but I think you can change the cover of the book as it looks very boring

Submitted by Anonymous

Better hide them from your angry gf or wife..might mistook it for a book and throw it to to you when theyre angry lol..failure

Submitted by meh

:roll: :p ;) kind of weird but innovative at the same time. I mean who would have thought of such a thing, but its also pretty much useless.

Submitted by meeeeeeeee

Can this see through clothes?

Submitted by him

Ahm...churva la... :oops: :d :lol: :( :) :)

Submitted by jinky

Hahaha that that stuff handy?!?!?!? :d

Submitted by jueneau

:p hmmm.... Nice yun lang! Weeh ;; ;)

Submitted by racimar

Tr6z5r that was my code to get into this funky place but sadly im trapped help! :( ;) :( :lol: :oops: :? 8) :d :roll:

Submitted by zESTER

I really love the concept of using a beautiful book to hide some piece of technology(nicely executed) but im wondering if you can do it with something like a laptop(mainly because how many of us actually randomly carry around scanners?) or an electronic book kind of thing, or something that somebody could use when I a cafe exc...

-with best reguards

Submitted by darq

See thats y u cant getta boyfriend or girlfriend ur a wase of time

Submitted by de

Nicely done!! Question.what do you do with printers and fax machines you co does on

Submitted by Jester

I think it is just weird.....and plus, the book is super ugly :(

Submitted by brianne

:oops: :oops: coollllll where do u gett that owsom thing!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by zester

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