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Personal Seabird Submarine

Posted on January 2, 2012 by , with 16263 views

Personal Seabird Submarine

Here's an invention aimed at those with envious bank account balances. We've seen the likes of supercars, bikes and boats but we've never before included a submarine. If you would like to avoid the busy streets or have a stretch of water completely to yourself what better way than with a submarine. The submarine is powered by a rechargeable battery pack which turns a series of electric motors, removing the necessity for fuel. The submarine will tow the vehicle though the water using a surface vessel and a generic propulsion system.

This innovative tow system aims to offers the power of an internal combustion engine to an undwerwater vessel. This will allow the submarine to travel up to speeds of 22 knots, which equates to 25mph or 40kh, both on top and under the water's surface.

The SeaBird can be reduced to a depth of 150ft, 46 metres, which can be doubled for "certain (non tourism) customers." Surprisingly, the sub manufactuer claims that it can be stayed in for 24-72 hours straight, allowing you to escape the dry lands for a few days and spend it down with the sea-life.

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