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Maple Phone Developed By Yoon And Lee

Posted on August 6, 2008 by , with 29784 views

Maple Phone Developed By Yoon And Lee

Transforming a popular product into a wooden version is a bizarre development, but the cell phone has just undergone such treatment. The Maple Phone has been developed by two Koreans, Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee as they prove that phones do not need to follow the same trend of plastic products. The wooden phone exhibits a touch sensitive keypad and also a camera. For the touchpad to work correctly, we believe that some different materials are used, as this would be impossible based on wood alone. The phone is great from an environmental perspective, since wood is a natural source and completely renewable. Perhaps this will pave the way for future wooden products, for example wooden MP3 players, wooden laptops, wooden televisions etc.

The wooden phone does not look particularly appealing, and will no doubt be heavier than the traditional plastic. At the moment, it looks like a block of wood with some numbers and stickers placed on the front. Nevertheless it would be great to get our hands on one and compare it with a more conventional plastic cell phone.

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Submitted by Ulanda


Submitted by Ulanda

Woah! Great idea but, the way technology is changing now, it might not become the most popular thing. But it's awesome!

Submitted by Furple

Wow astig

Submitted by Anonymous

Bhn ji in rachnaaon ki prsshnaa ke liyen mere paas shbd hi nahin hai or tlaashne pr mil bhi nahi rahe hai fir bhi badhaai ..akhtar khan akela kota rajsthan

Submitted by Caio

When firstly I saw a maple or a nihility telephone, I was novel manjyeobogo wanted.the person who invented this telephone is great.if they are slight a little, and they bear,
people will buy it very much.

Submitted by Jieun Kim

I think it'svery good idea.
but we already use smart phone.
so in contemporary society, it's not useful.

Submitted by SY

I think it's good idea.
but we're already use smart phone.
현대사회에선 그리 쓸모가 없을 것 같네요

Submitted by &#5106

I wonder about the invention and idea.
how about add the function character?

Submitted by SeoYeon Ha

Stupid...waste of wood..pointless

Submitted by Your mom

What if you get like a thousand splinters ? O.o

Submitted by What if ?

Good way for less poulation

Submitted by jamie

This is a epic advance in the world of phones next to the droid 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Submitted by Anonymous

Awesome.. But need some more finishing styles as thy look sexier.

Submitted by Anonymous

Nice...the shape need more work ;)

Submitted by atefe

@=^o.o^= ca soo truee!

Submitted by :)Izzy2121

This is soo awesome! Our class is looking for differnet weird inventions and this is one fer sureee! :d

Submitted by Scisci21

So sool I wont one of them :d :d :d :d :)

Submitted by meeky

So awsome and wicked but freaky and weired love from your number #1 fan 8) :lol:

Submitted by anna

So cool where can I so get one ;) 8) ;)

Submitted by anityme

Awsome 8) 8) 8) :? :d :lol: :lol: :) :p ;) wish I invented that

Submitted by ersgkuytit

Good the economy and the waste of plastic and what not.
but now you have to tear down even more trees.

Submitted by fgdxsgtryf

Your message here.....

my message is that I love this idea

Submitted by Mia

Really nice. Eco-friendly and cute!!!!! :)

Submitted by =^o.o^= ca

Have you taken your medication today? Your immagining things....all of you....

Submitted by killaHertz

Okay thats just gross like overly gross...your jacking off next to me zomg its so smalll!!!!! Lol thats shameful:p

Submitted by miss.mim

Thats not all im afraid...very afraid...all of you...

Submitted by killaHertz

Mm yeah you are the freak! Your the one who was so desperate that stalked emma... You followed her into the girls bathroom for petes sake!!!! You are really weird and I cant eblieve im sitting next to you and your touchind masons palony :s lol

Submitted by miss.mim

Oh right im the freak..... :roll:

Submitted by killaHertz

Well excuseeeee me! How dare you steel that car! You mofo! Power point away you freak....

Submitted by miss.mim

Im bored coz im in enterprise and im sitting next to u.....

Submitted by killaHertz

Nawww poor baby! Lol why you so bored hahaha cant be bored anymore your talking to me xd

Submitted by miss.mim

Im back! And im still bored at school. And im not being stalked. Too much.

Submitted by killaHertz

An interesting invention, something rare would have thought about and only you who pursued the thought. However, how many would actually want to try a less convenient phone when they alrd have very light high tech plastic phones.
nevertheless, very impressive, very minblowing, very unexpected. If I have the money, id try this phone. (y) :d

Submitted by girl07

Fabulous innovation, expecting that field of environmental technology will feel of this innovation and get more in future

Submitted by sumanth

What if it caught on fire

Submitted by chuck


ok but u better change

Submitted by killaHertz

No ur not

anywayz I am dead...

Submitted by killaHertz

Get a grip jordan mwa ha harrr btw those whoare reading this I love him so much hes my bf xd

Submitted by miss.mim

I am offiaclly going to jum infront of a train to get u to stop stalking me missmim!!!!!!


Submitted by killaHertz

Hahahaha I still love you I know you like it xd

Submitted by miss.mim

Ok thats kinda creepy....

stalkerish even

Submitted by killaHertz

Heyy this is pretty killar!! Keep up the good work and when they come out and people can buy them im up for it!! :) anyway for the peoplethat think its gay who cares what you say the person or company that made this is gettinglike all the glory they dont need you guys to trash comment them like guys you are going know where in life when you trash talk other people so get a life and shut the fuck up gots it kk anyway keep up the good work !! :)

Submitted by miss.mim

Your message here..

my message is here lolificated

im bored at shool

Submitted by killaHertz

Um............................3 million years later .............................wood :roll: :roll:

Submitted by fuck you

Can you build a bridge out of it?

Submitted by cottengin

This is really a leap in telephony technology

Submitted by peter

This new phone is awesome keep up the good work.

Submitted by Vernum

Hey I think this is an awesome invention but you need a more convincing picture. :p :roll: 8)

Submitted by vernum

Excellent but wen is it going to launch in market ya 8) :d :roll: :)

Submitted by BARGAVI

Ooooooo........k thats a weird phone.its real ugly to me :roll:

Submitted by fhfugkhfyo

Omg this is so awesome enviromnentally friendly stuff rocks who cares if it doesnt have a qwerty keyboard its a cell phone made out of wood!!! Why wouldn't you love it. :lol:

Submitted by kay

Aww! Dude! Thats beast! Yo! Omg! Kewlio! Y haven't they came out wit it!?! I mean its pretty stupid, but kewl at the same time! Haha

Submitted by BEAST!

Phone invention is too much!!! Lets count how many disadvantages this phone brings. Lets wonder sometimes...

Submitted by ban22

Ya what he or she said protect the pigmes

Submitted by your mom

Goo...od but what about deforestation. ;) :oops: :(

Submitted by Ethio Bety

Dats kinda tite send me 1!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Submitted by de

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Submitted by Hamlin

Tum log intahai ghatia soch raktay ho

Submitted by RABNAWAZ least I know that it floats in liquids...but wouldn't it still short-circuit?

Submitted by XLR

This is interesting keep going with it! :d :) 8) ;) :p :lol:

Submitted by yummmaaahh

:d :d its koo and all but wats the point of it to the economy?

Submitted by amanda

That phone is made of wood

Submitted by basti

This is a very cool invention I want one .you should make money off of it and create a patent. ;) :p

Submitted by Lizzie for

De best is yet 2 come frm africa

Submitted by Max

Tle me who is the inventor

Submitted by melqui

Someone talk to me ! Im at school anddd meggga bored. :roll:

Submitted by blah

Mmmm... So I was thinking && I think that like if it got wett it would totally be ruinedd.. But its okay. Its okayyyyy.

Submitted by blah

Your message's a great thing!!! But need a little bit more about it.....

Submitted by shilpa

,,,great job... Keep it up!!!

Submitted by hinata

I bet its easy to break
:d :d

Submitted by juan param

Iiiiiiiiiii waaaannttttttt that!!!!!!!!! :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d

Submitted by lolo&#

:oops: it is grat invention..keep it up....

Submitted by Anonymous

That was great!!!i like it!!! Ahm just wanna know, what's the significance of it to the economy? I'ts benefits and loses it brought? We want a response...hope you'll find a way to answer us...thanks in advance owm...hehe... :p :) :d

Submitted by pearl

Ahm... I like your new invention...nice!!! Ahm can you send us more information about how your invention enriches and threatens society? ;) :d :p

Submitted by baidz

This shyt look s o stupid on tha real

Submitted by bitch swal

Omg thats so funnt I want it dawg

Submitted by rachi

I want one! They look so cool :d

Submitted by m.e.

Edgar stop bein so jelous of me!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by hello

All of yall are just jelous :lol:

Submitted by Hello

So nice invention of u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodwork have a nice invention again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!more power 2 u

Submitted by lovely

Um....its interesting. :? Its not the gretest invention in the world

Submitted by Meg

Who wonts a wooden phone????
but sweet idea, :? :? :? :? :? :?

Submitted by kimmyy h.

I indeed too like wood :oops:

Submitted by Robert

Good job !that was very interesting

Submitted by anonymous

Cool im useing this for my project journal #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Submitted by anonymous

This is so frickin sweetttttttt

Submitted by homo

Haha this is a cool one but it's ugly at the same time. :(

Submitted by Brie

:d this invention is so cool makes me wanna have one!

Submitted by kyma4ubaby

I like it friend,may I have one of it,as a gift of because christmas is coming thank you. You are good and knowledgable too. :lol:

Submitted by rufo

Thats crazy. I won't buy ione. I might. U neva knoooooooooooooow

Submitted by funny

Hey yall!
what's the price of this?

Submitted by hoal,ashdl

Hey youu should write more cause I had to write a report about this and there wasn't nearly enough information I had to bs like 9o% of this with talking about inprovong our enviroment so good article jst needs more :)

Submitted by Anonymous

Its awesome helped me with homework but how much would it egualize to. 8)

Submitted by Anonymous

Hey.. Its an ugly invention :?

Submitted by jaylo

I like to have one!!! :?

Submitted by nicky

I appreciate it.............

Submitted by rave

Hey I really like that ;)

Submitted by s.o.s

Its so awesome this is helping me alot! :)

Submitted by bobaloo

:roll: I wonder how much is it

Submitted by elmer

Its amazing...

how did you do that???

Submitted by raven_athe

Wow its really awesome...........could u nvent some more 4 us,,,,,?

Submitted by scre2 pra

Thanx........i needed som new invention 4 my assignment...its a wow thing.i really appreciate it. :)

Submitted by Anonymous

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