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Led Umbrella

Posted on May 6, 2007 by , with 24097 views

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Introducing the new LED umbrella. This new device comes equipped with a built in LED light which illuminates in the dark. At the touch of a button the light shines into action offering a safe and secure passage to your destination. The light is embedded inside the handle to lighten the area under the umbrella hood.

Come day or night, this gadget has got you covered despite looking like a Star Wars light saber.

So for those of you who can't handle a long walk home in the dark, this LED umbrella is sure to make that walk a little bit brighter.

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Submitted by krish koth


Submitted by krish koth

How much is this my daddy wants to buy it

Submitted by Sophia The

I love this it will help me out alot.

Submitted by jen

Sonzi5 I really enjoy the blog post. Want more.

Submitted by cheap seo

Ive gt such umbrella alr...

Submitted by wei

Whats the point?dark is frighten me even with this...i prefer tto have som body. Whith me.... :?

Submitted by atefe

Whats the point?dark is frighten me even with this...i prefer tto have som body. Whith me.... :?

Submitted by atefe

I think it's quite a good idea. Pretty simple and too much money but I can see it being useful :d would be good if the handle/light was detachable.

Submitted by Natters

I really love this idea! :) I would defentily buy this :d

Submitted by fuebjkymbf

Meanina st night time. Thanks

Submitted by krishnan

Its nice I want its circuit diagram working function

Submitted by jana

I think this is such a cool invention. :)

Submitted by Amorita Ma

Lost the umbrella part and you have a light sabre. Fark yeah!

Submitted by adhd

Ha...ha..ha totally bakwaas

Submitted by POOJA

Oh! It's a great surprise :p :d :)

Submitted by amir gurun

Come guys its a gr8 idea..i guess bt who cums up with things like this only a person smoking weed would come up with something like this lmj :) ;) :p 8)

Submitted by wanted wp

:) maganda and cute next time color pink naman ha''''''''

Submitted by ms cindy

It will attracts lightning..waste of money for battery..looks silly

Submitted by meh

It is truly beautiful, would fit nicely between my widely spread legs. Could also be inserted while raining giving a natural lube

Submitted by Phil Magro

I think you will get wet at night. When you will be running from flys

Submitted by topman33

Is very interessant.



Submitted by Dabbutth

Whats the point in buying that if you try to shelter you will end up chopping your head off :roll:

Submitted by luke

I would sell it for half of what ur paying now though!!!1

r u in???!!! 8)

Submitted by ScienceHat

I like this idea but im sorry it has already been invented beforore me(:lol omg I might sue you :p

Submitted by ScienceHat

They stole this idea off the movie blade runner!! The best movie ever made!!!!

Submitted by Deckart

Gosh dis idea is soooo great! Cant wait 2 buy one myself :d :lol:

Submitted by tim

Where is the power of the light comes from?
is it rechargeable?
or some batteries put on it?

Submitted by i am me

Ok, this has to be something that wont fry u when ur in the rain, or they'll get sued... :?

Submitted by XLR

This is a ripped off invention from bladerunner, I just watched it last night.

Submitted by Me

I think this is a great idea

Submitted by mery

Omg so the handle lights up ? ?
how sweet is that!? 8)

Submitted by blah

Hahaha thats the dunbest thing I have ever seen what is the point?

Submitted by Anonymous

This s an unnecessary invention. Its waste of time for the inventor. An waste of money for the user.

Submitted by NR

How many times have you been electricuted while holding a wet flashlight?!?!? They make a kid size! Safe as safe can be! They are really cool and handy, if it's dark outside and you have to open the door, finding the keyhole is a breeze!

Submitted by LightSourc

It takes 3 aaa batteries. An electrocution hazard? Hardly. Besides, the battery compartment is sealed just like a maglite. I've never heard of anyone dying from electric shock from one of those...

Submitted by Seriously

That is a stupid idea,if it gets wet wont you get electricuted,doesnt that basically defeat the purpouse of the umbrella?? Come on folks,be intellegnet for once. :? :) ;) :p :d 8)

Submitted by coco

This is dumbest idea ever

Submitted by Stranger

Cool a light saber umbrella :d

Submitted by juan param

This will makw you look like luke skywalker.

Submitted by wowoww

:( that is an electrocution just waiting to happen

Submitted by Tony Huert

It rocks who made this 8)

Submitted by klyde

Is it avalable for everybody?

Submitted by jim

8) :d :roll: :) ;) :p :( :lol: :oops: :?

Submitted by JM

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