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Ant Habitat From Antworks

Posted on June 15, 2007 by , with 12794 views

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Creepy crawlies may appear dull and boring, but this 'AntWorks' brings action and intrigue to an otherwise mundane viewing. Ants can lift up to 20 times their own body weight; have two stomachs and three eyes. They often work together, commonly in large groups, to achieve everyday tasks. The guys over at NASA have worked together in a similar fashion to create a healthy habitat for your ant collection. The habitat allows you to view the routes taken by individual ants as they alter the aqua blue gel into a spectrum of different colors.

AntWorks is based on an advanced form of gel which ensures a safe and vibrant existence for both the ants and the onlooker. The effects are stunning, and the more ants used, the more intricate, extensive and elaborate the paths become.

The idea was derived from NASA, during an experimentation phase for animal life and existence in space.

+ The AntWorks Gel (Non Toxic) is complete with nutrients to promote healthy growth in the new colony.
+ Watch the ants' progress and weave through the gel illuminating the surrounding areas.
+ An LED illuminator is included to offer not only a habitat but also light functionality.

+ Easy to maintain since ants surprisingly require no food or water.
+ Case dimensions: 6.5"x 5.5"x 1.25"

Each 'Antworks' includes the following:

Case and gel
Magnifying glass
Four blue LED's embedded in base
Ant catching / tunnel starting tool
Instruction booklet with interesting facts about ants
No ants included. With over a trillion ants in existence, go find some!

So with the cool effects and lighting displays this really is an unconventional yet attractive piece, bringing you closer to nature and retaining that natural feeling. Just remember to close the case!

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I wnat see many inventions.i just wanted to know because I do not know about weird and mysterious and wonderful inventions.

Submitted by Back Seoun

I wnat see many inventions.i just wanted to know because I do not know about weird and mysterious and wonderful inventions.

Submitted by Back Seoun

This is very interesting for biology interests

Submitted by n

This is soooo cool
u guys who said its stupid are just wishing they had one! :?

Submitted by awesome

I got this 4 my 8th bday but wen I was tryin 2 get the ants in, they spilled all over my bed! I was afraid 2 sleep in my bed 4 a month!! :(

Submitted by Bubbles

:d this is pretty sweeeet.
i guess.

Submitted by Kaijaa,

Its rubbish you will get electricuted :oops:

Submitted by luke

Its kool..interesting!!!! :d ;)

Submitted by Nina

I have soooo seen this before. Butttt its a pretty sweet idea. 8)

Submitted by blah

How much do they cost??
;) :(

Submitted by Courtney

Ooohh.. That's so kewl! I want wun!:d

Submitted by tracie

These are actually very cool-- I have had two in the past, and the ants live for months and months.

Submitted by marsha

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