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Wearable Electronics The Under Skin Tattoo Device

Posted on March 10, 2008 by , with 11990 views

Wearable Electronics The Under Skin Tattoo Device

"Wearable Electronics". A concept you are probably not familiar with, but is enticing enough to capture your attention. Wearable technology, technology under the skin, is a concept devised by inventor Jim Mielke for the Greener Gadgets Design Competition. The idea is a Digital Tattoo Interface, which is physically inserted under the skin and muscle. It will also be able to communicate with other devices utilising Bluetooth technology.

The power is produced through two small tubes attached to the device which are subsequently fastened to an artery and a vein which converted glucose and oxygen into electricity. If you think that's clever, the device will also use a touch screen interface, allowing you to manipulate the controls through your own skin via microscopic spheres.

If you have a tattoo through this device, you can simply change it via any other Bluetooth enabled device, to go with your clothing, for example. At this stage it remains a concept only, but a working prototype is certainly worth waiting for. It truly is a concept which will get under your skin.

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Comment hardly ever do I encounter a wolbeg that’s both educated and entertaining, and let me tell you, you may have hit the nail on the head. Your concept is outstanding; the difficulty is something that not sufficient people are speaking intelligently about .

Submitted by Ashokan

Using glucose and oxygen of our body? Will'nt it effect our ealth or body ;) :(

Submitted by varsha

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Submitted by THEO

Awesome!!!!! That is soooooooo cool!!!!!!! :) :) ;) ;) :p :d 8) :d 8)

Submitted by APRIL

:roll: I think it is very cool of this who invented this.

Submitted by Keyana

Read "the feed"or just listen to it on tape,then decide if you want to put that thing in your body.

Submitted by Ethan

Nyc? Wats tat? Can you tell me.. :p

Submitted by wanna noe

Kl :d :d :d

Submitted by Anonymous

Your message here.. 8) :roll: :lol: :( :) ;) :p 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Submitted by Anonymous

I suk dik it feels so nyc
:d :d :d

Submitted by mr pussy

I suk dik it feels so nyc
:d :d :d

Submitted by mr pussy

Giving head is right for men ... I do it ...

Submitted by Mr Hurley

:? :? 8) :oops: :d :lol: :roll: :( :) :p ;) go give head give head give head give head give head sorry for the porn :p ;)

Submitted by alysha

I give head so I want to be in contact with my boy friend all the time

Submitted by kevin

Cool... I think... Its kinda gross to insert something in your skin. :? But do people always have to be in contact with one another, 24-7?

Submitted by Mongo

Dang thats cool but akward

Submitted by tj rules

Omgoshhhh that's kinda awkward :? :?

Submitted by Anonymous

Nasty...but cool in a weird way. :roll:

Submitted by Anonymous

Awesome!! You've officially contributed to technology that the anti-christ will utilize in the next half century.

Submitted by hmmm

8) I think its kinda nasty

Submitted by leosnow900

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