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Vuzix Wrap 310 Video Eyewear

Posted on October 25, 2009 by , with 26749 views

Vuzix Wrap 310 Video Eyewear

Vuzix Corporation, the leader in video eyewear for the consumer, defense and low vision markets, is thrilled to be shipping the Wrap 310 worldwide. The game-changing Wrap 310 challenges the status quo of traditional video viewing devices by looking and feeling like normal sunglasses. The Wrap 310, featuring twin high-resolution video displays and projecting a 55-inch screen at 10-feet is now available through and a number of other retailers and distribution partners.

"The Wrap 310 promises to change the game in portable video and we're thrilled to officially deliver this product to the masses," said Vuzix CEO, Paul Travers. "The Wrap 310 also brings advanced features to the video Eyewear category that no product has. With capabilities to add tracking and cameras that enable augmented reality and incredible gaming experiences; there is nothing like it on the market" added Travers.

Whether you are an executive business traveler or want an immersive console gaming experience, the Wrap 310 gets the job done in style. With composite video input and optional VGA and component compatibility adapters, the Wrap 310 is the most versatile pair of video eyewear on the market. Additionally, as the first video eyewear designed for upgradeability, the Wrap 310 features an expansion port designed to provide the product with near limitless compatibility. In addition to the VGA and Component adapters available later this year, Vuzix has plans for new and exciting accessories designed to keep the Wrap 310 on the cutting edge.

The Wrap 310 also features an improved on-screen user interface, included independent focus adjustments for users with corrective lenses and still features compatibility with all major 3D video formats. Powered for up to 6 hours on just 2 AA batteries, the Wrap 310 will accept video from almost any video player, including the iPod and iPhone. The Wrap 310 has a MSRP of $249.95.

Compatible Devices Include:
• All iPod/iPhone models
• Portable DVD players
• Mobile phones with video output
• PCs and laptops*
• DVD/Blu-Ray players
• Portable media players
*Requires optional VGA cable adaptor

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Great.i like it very much. Hats off 4 the inventer.

Submitted by Aneeta Kha

I like alot
very cool
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Submitted by co-co

Sweeet someone hook me up wit one of those thingys!!! :lol: :lol:

Submitted by robiee!!

Wow it's great.great job to the can I get one

Submitted by segunsonik

Mama miya a superdoper cool gadget

Submitted by jasdeep

Wow I like it....the inventor is very smart :p

Submitted by fatima 026

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Submitted by leo

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Submitted by syed azam

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Submitted by scoperayz

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Submitted by chance

Your message here.. I love it,how can I get one

Submitted by Jephtah

Wow! Astig naman yan! Mganda yan for gaming....

Submitted by rod

Great price, great idea ... But does anybody know a "video stitcher" application that I can make two versions of a computer animation (right eye/left eye) and generate my own 3d movies with it to work with these glasses?

Submitted by warrenwr

Nindot kaayo ang eye glass good and nice to see on it and very cool high tech :) :) :) :d 8)

Submitted by GARY ACOPI

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Submitted by fucking bi

So does it project it, or are the glasses a screen on the inside ?!

Submitted by kali !

The glasses seem relly cool who ever invented it is peer genius and lucky they did it first I would like to find a price tho

Submitted by playmate42

Can you see like regular sunglasses. Can you see through the screen?

Submitted by Anonymous

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It is awesome to have on this....

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May I ask how much is this gadget?

Submitted by shery

Hello. I am victoria airwalk wolffe and I like this invention. If you are wondering why I am typing so nicely its because I am a sexy vampire. I love the twighlight series even tho I don't have a favorite well see you all later.

Submitted by Victoria

Wow this is so cool I love it :lol:

Submitted by kk

Awesome and cool .... I liked it...

Submitted by cristina

Oh damn invention . Don't like that cheap .

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Submitted by dogen

Hello. I am victoria airwalk wolffe and I like this invention. If you are wondering why I am typing so nicely its because I am a sexy vampire. I love the twighlight series even tho I don't have a favorite well see you all later. :p ;) :( :) :roll: :lol: :oops: :? 8) :d :oops:

Submitted by Victoria

Awww delilah u such a downer its pretty cheap compared to a flat screen tv so chill-axe

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announcer: only 250$

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