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Usb Drive And Digital Pen Converts Writing To Text

Posted on February 17, 2008 by , with 11275 views

Usb Drive And Digital Pen Converts Writing To Text

During my University days I used to spend numerous hours scribbling notes and then having to type these up on the computer to prepare for exams. Also, many of us used to write dissertations and reports on paper first before typing these up at a later date which seemed a waste of time.

In order to increase your efficiency, legibility and use of time the EPOS digital pen with USB drive eradicates this mundane task and automatically transforms your handwriting and diagrams into a textual format which can be printed off or saved.

For this to work is easy - simply attach a special device to the top of the paper such as on a clipboard and use the included digital pen. The pen can then be connected to the computer and files uploaded to the computer, stored and printed in a matter of seconds.

If you prefer to work paper based, and then require to hand in reports in a typed format, this digital pen can prove invaluable in saving time and effort. There are some handwriting discrepancies as the technology has not been entirely perfected as yet, but on the whole the device works well and suits both students and professionals.

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I can't hear anything over the sound of how awesmoe this article is.

Submitted by Mustafa

Who invented the usb pen. It's so tight.

Submitted by Unknown

Is there anybody out there? I like this invention. It is supersticious.

Submitted by Drew

It's all right but I like 10000ad

Submitted by Drew

i really appericiate ur product . This is really helpful to both the students and the proffessional and is really a help in saving time.

Submitted by priya mohi

Whos invented usb drive and digital pen???....

Submitted by menchie

Whos invented usb drive and digital pen???....

Submitted by menchie

you have an interesting product.
i would like to do a marketing planning project for your product to introduce it to my university.
so, kindley, I appreciate if you could support me with more information and send it to my email @ [email protected]
i could support you in return by information that help you in the market.

Submitted by Mohammed E

This seems like a very useful product fine sir. I would really enjoy having one of them to aid me with my university of harvard work

Submitted by abdul

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