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Usb Christmas Tree For That Festive Spirit

Posted on September 17, 2007 by , with 6446 views

Usb Christmas Tree For That Festive Spirit

With less than 100 shopping days to Christmas, we thought it was the right time to bring to your attention a Christmas related product. Courtesy of Brando comes a USB powered Christmas tree which resides on your desk standing at 24.5cm. Once connected via the USB interface the tree illuminates and emits a colorful glow.

Consisting of white fiber optics, allows the tree to achieve such an effect. Positioned at the top is the familiar star which also illuminates and sparkles.

Forget the real trees where you have the troubles of cleaning up the pine needles, branch out and purchase this tree as a replacement, although small it still adds to the festive spirit.

The USB Christmas tree is due to hit stores in October.

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Very valid, pithy, sucicnct, and on point. Wd.

Submitted by Lavon

Looks like a bottle cleaner :roll:

Submitted by crazy frog

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