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Tv B Gone Remote Control Lets You Play God

Posted on September 19, 2008 by , with 12175 views

Tv B Gone Remote Control Lets You Play God

Concealed TV remote control devices can be so much fun, in so many different situations - but can also prove crucial as a replacement to an exiting remote control, or just to increase your general overall laziness. Picture the following scenario, whereby you are sitting with your partner watching re-runs of a soap for the billionth time. Simply point the device at the TV, press it, and blame the TV complaining that it's broken. As she leaves the room, enjoy the comfort of the room to yourself, and channel surf until your heart's content.

The device is small, and can fit comfortable inside a pocket, which is capable of turning off 99 per cent of all television sets. There are over four hundred pre-programmed sequences to perform the basic power setting. The device works by emitting pulses of light at the television, powering it both on and off. The device should work within a matter of seconds, but it can take up to 69 seconds to take effect.

You can use this remote control pretty much anywhere. Use it in the workplace to control those boring presentations and prevent you snoozing off, or in a restaurant where there are about 10 televisions all broadcasting the same program, or simply at a friend's house when you have a headache and would rather sit in silence.

This gadget is just to be used as somewhat as a joke, but you will be surprised how often it will get you out of having to sit through some numbingly boring programs.

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Submitted by XxxlolxxX

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Submitted by Dominik

Nothing can play god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Kay

Ammm.. Its so nice to look at,,hehehe

Submitted by philip rom

Aaaahhh! My comments keep repeating!!

Submitted by Corky Roma

Bobby says on 25th february 2009 is a dork. This invention is kinda usless but fun. I proally wouldn't pay more than 3 bucks for it, though.

Submitted by Corky Roma

Happy birthdy. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Submitted by blah

If I use it & a bad channel appears in front of my dad i'il
just hit it on d t.v. :oops:

Submitted by alisha

Wasnt this mad allllooooong time ago :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Submitted by juan

This thing sucks
i tried it and I hate it
ill kill the inventor

Submitted by clock

Amazinn :? 8) :oops: :d :lol: :roll: :( :) :p ;) im in school too

Submitted by yoyo

Dude this is totally wicked man i'm so high

Submitted by bluntman a

Lol im in school :( :(

Submitted by Smokey

Why in the name of common sense do you people even come here!!!!!!!! :p :p
yall have no life!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous

Can somebody here further discuss this gadget? Im having my project design right now and im interested on how this one works.

Submitted by k0n

Ill post wut I want u just do wut u want 2 and ill do wut I want 2

Submitted by the guy wh

I think you guys should actually write real comments! Jeez, i'm doing a report on it... I like this thing! In fact, I may get one.

Submitted by Zinc

Come along children lets sing about it

Submitted by chef

I I told you to put put put put on the hat t t tim timmy

Submitted by Jimmy


Submitted by bob and da

Ive learned something today

Submitted by kyle

Screw you guys im goin home

Submitted by Cartmen

I think this product sucks I thin its stupid :)

Submitted by buddy tate

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