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Tubular Clock In Words Rather Than Numbers

Posted on May 8, 2007 by , with 6379 views

Tubular Clock In Words Rather Than Numbers

This new gadget will transform the conventional numerical representation of time into a written representation. The clock saves your brain the effort of calculating the time, instead, clearly highlighting the time in a phrase-like fashion.

The clock itself is quite large scale, measuring 33" wide and 4.5" in diameter. It requires to be of these dimensions to enable the text to be readable from a distance.

The invention works via two separate rotating axis. The first contains the core of the phrase and the second contains the numbers written in words. The clock will indicate when it's 4 o'clock by the words "it's about 4" and when it is 4:05 by "five minutes past 4".

The clock is wall mountable and requires a single AA battery to function. The tubular clock currently retails at $160, mostly down to the specific engineering and unusual unique concept.

This article was written at nearly approximately roundabout approaching ten minutes past 12. Actually, we'll stick to 12:10.

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