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Trumpet Harmonica Combine Two Instruments Into One

Posted on September 24, 2007 by , with 6918 views

Trumpet Harmonica Combine Two Instruments Into One

New inventions are typically original and unique, but this invention merges two previous devices into a single device. The instrument known as the Trumpet Harmonica is self explanatory. A combination of the sounds of both a trumpet and a harmonica unite courtesy of Hohner, a notorious instrument company dating back 150 years. Instead of developing each instrument individually Hohner realised that combining the two would save on time, okay maybe not, but the idea itself sounds inspired.

The harmonica reproduces the 1907 design, including five brass bells which generate the sound. The wooden core will not swell, even after years of playing and there are also two brass reed plates fixed to either side. Each bell connects to the air cavity allowing for the noise to be created by blowing or drawing on one of the holes.

The Trumpet Harmonica is available for $119.95, for more info; keep a note, to stay tuned!

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Are you a professional musician?...what is your purpose in making this invention?... To tell you frankly,i was curious about the invention,imagine,two instruments combine together into one!...but its nice and I like it... Thanks for the idea....

Submitted by marianne

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