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Transcend Goggles

Posted on February 13, 2010 by , with 25630 views

Transcend Goggles

Zeal Optics have jumped on board to develop a set of ski goggles. They claim to be the first GPS enabled, and sensor laden ski goggles, which enable the goggles to compute speed, altitude, temperature and time details. The toggle switch on the side allows this data to be viewed in real time, though it may be preferrable to watch the huge slopes of snow which you are quickly approaching. Otherwise, it would almost be like trying to read a text message whilst driving on a spiralling road.

The goggles will retail at $350 and will be released in October. If you take your skiing seriously, or your snowboarding, then these will undoubtedly offer you everything you could possibly wish to know as you grace the snow.

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Wow its nice this great idea !! 8)

Submitted by HELLO.HEAV

You wrote this article?

Submitted by haydhd

What is the side effects of that lates goggles??
what more used of that invention?

Submitted by marnel

This transcend goggles is so to be like a real expert at skiing.maybe this invention would have a click to the people that really want to learn how to be a expert in playing ski.

Submitted by Jolan B. B

This will be a great device for those who loved the sport snowboarding and skiing

Submitted by Dan Harris

:roll: :d 8) :? :oops: :lol: :( :p ;) :) :roll: :lol: :( :) :p ;) :oops: :d :d 8) 8) :?

Submitted by Josh

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Submitted by 1234

Wawooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!dude its owsme.

Submitted by bips

Yo fool these are some nice cheap priced goggles that I could use

Submitted by percyharvi

This is vary nice if there ware not so expensive I would buy 2 8) :d :roll:

Submitted by sarvesh

They are cool yee and if they wernt so exspensiv I would by a pair. ;) ;)

Submitted by robert

These is reckless !!!! Ummmk :? 8) :roll: :) :p ;)

Submitted by hotty

This is fully sick ayy bru then I can like snowboard on my gangsta snow board and everyone will be like woop woop its the feeble bear!

Submitted by feeble bea

Pretty friggin sweet :p :)

Submitted by damond

:) ;) :) ;) :p :roll: :lol: :d :d :d :d :d :d 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :d :d :d :roll: :roll: :) :) :roll: :roll: :) :) ;) ;) :p :p :p :p

Submitted by chance

@robert, 14th of february
i smell bacon.

Submitted by Jacob

Speeeeechlessss!!!!!!!!!! 8) :d :) ;) :lol:

Submitted by anony


Submitted by tiddlywink

Well if I ever go to the cold countries I wanna buy one of these cos it's nice yar.

Submitted by succeter

Can I use these on a motocross bike?

Submitted by chaz

I dissagree. I belive zeldas a good game but donkey kongs better. Donkey kong doesnt suck.. You suck!

Submitted by pen 15

:roll: :roll: :roll: thats gay

Submitted by emily

They need to make some that arent just for skiing

Submitted by anonymous

Cool ;) :p :( :) :roll: :lol: :oops: :d :d 8) :? :?

Submitted by scandal

No one says poop anymore, everyone says poo!!! :lol:

Submitted by Bobbio

I can't wait to hit the slopes with those babies :d :lol: :) ;) :p

Submitted by dude

fantastic :oops: :( :roll: 8) :d

Submitted by jsopy

Superman says this is the dumbest invention ever
:? :? :? :) :) :p

Submitted by Superman

:lol: sexy :roll: ohhhh yeeeaaaahhhh

Submitted by Cayla

Me tumse ek din piche rah gaya tha.

Submitted by RAHUL LILO

Wat bakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll dat these types of inventions h've already done by me

Submitted by mukesh

Looking forward to it.....javascript:smilie(';)')

Submitted by Pallavi

Batman syay batman could use it 8)

Submitted by batman

I think its cool and stupid at the same time. :)

Submitted by edward sta

Surrealllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I pwnz u! :? :oops: :lol: :( :( :roll: 8)

Submitted by BAZAUUU

Awesome I like the google....

Submitted by Chenel

Its great... I need that gadgets.... To know my sex partner is how fast he can do it? Hehehhe...

Submitted by jayson bal

Its very new and adventorous invention

Submitted by nimish ajm

I think this new technology will improve lyf ! 8)
hahah I want a pair : I usually go skiing evy sat !
i think its preety smart !

Submitted by Danny

Thts a beast... :roll: :lol: :oops: :? 8) :roll: :( :) ;) :p

Submitted by Grant

Your message here.. :d :d :d :d :? 8) :d :) :p :( ;)

Submitted by kiana

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Submitted by mj

8) so I herd u liek mudkipz 8)

Submitted by Bob Dole

Yeah... :d :roll: :) ;) :p :roll:

Submitted by Robert

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