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Tetris Alarm Clock

Posted on July 29, 2012 by , with 15726 views

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Most middle-aged gamers will remember the Game Boy system, the first portable gaming console famous for its best selling Tetris game. If you're familiar with the game, you'll no doubt remember the theme that went with it, which has firmly stuck in many of our heads ever since.

This alarm clock includes many Tetris elements, such as Tetris block elements for the buttons and the soundtrack to wake you up with in the morning. Perhaps the coolest element is the falling blocks to make up the clock display. You can't actually use the alarm clock to play Tetris itself, but at least that means you won't be a few hours late for work each morning trying to beat your high score.

You can pick one of these up from The Firebox Store for $25

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This website is is okay. I can go to better but its ok. In utah we have a inventor who can make an alarm clock that will buzz so loud you wake up right away and are in school. I love clocks but hate tetris.

Submitted by Eugenee Ya

This is the best "cough" worst invention yet and I bet the guy who made this has no nipples

Submitted by Mr. Gianni

My husband bouhgt two of these (one for himself and one for a friend) but then found out that the connecting cable does not thread through the holes in the wood!! Help! Does anyone know what we are doing wrong? Or did we get two defective jonas damon iphone docking clocks?

Submitted by Dev

I think the alarm clork is good idea.
because it let we be not lazy.

Submitted by U Jung In

I wish these watches.
seems really interesting alarm clock.

Submitted by leehyemin

J2p2eh very informative article post.much thanks again. Cool.

Submitted by crork

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