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Swing Catalyst Helps Golfers Improve Their Swing

Posted on April 1, 2009 by , with 10321 views

Swing Catalyst Helps Golfers Improve Their Swing

Are you a keen golfer? You'd have to be to invest in one of the latest golf aid innovations. Recently launched in Orlando, at the 2009 PGA Merchandise show, the Swing Catalyst, developed by Initial Force in Norway, aims to assist golfers, and improve their swinging technique. The Catalyst analyses your own personal swing, using specialised software to pinpoint the areas which require improvement. Video cameras record every single motion, which in turn send feeback to the main computer terminal. The golfer swings naturally on a force plate, and is picked up by the force plate sensors. The flight of the ball is then calculated by the launch monitor. The video clip is then related to the screen, which lets you see a visual representation of the flight of the ball.

The Catalyst's plate consists of two separate layers, a highly sensitive pressure mat an underneath that, a 3D force plate. The Catalyst is a fantastic piece of kit, for the golfer looking to perfect his or her swing. The Catalyst will definitely help in improving your game, and reducing the numbers on your scorecard.

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