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Surfster Double Black Ice Snow Sled

Posted on February 16, 2009 by , with 9609 views

Surfster Double Black Ice Snow Sled

Wintertime brings along snow, and snow attracts kids from all over, as they engage in snowball fights, and sledging to make the most out of the days off school. Snowboarding, skiing, sliding down slopes on your ass, all equally enjoyable. Toboggans have existed for ages, but none as impressive as the Surfster Double Black Ice Snow Sled, which allows you to watch your fellow thrill seeker as they manouevure down the hill with you.

The Sled works well in the snowy conditions, but due to the fact that it has re-enforced nylon and foam straps built in, it can be used as a water tow. Body boarders can enjoy the board in the water, riding the waves in style. The sled is available from Cheetah Trading, for $80, despite initial indications that the price would be double.

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Yup, it was quite the fun day to dig out! Our total was 14in. They closed east windsor regional scolhos for tomorrow already. We're fully cleared out here though, all ready to spend tomorrow playing in the snow.

Submitted by Sharad

Anna, that's why they're wearing helmets...

Submitted by Sadler

This thing has already been made. I done seen it at wal*marts.

Submitted by Corky Roma

8) :d :oops: :lol: :roll: :( :p ;) :) :? 8)

Submitted by Anonymous

This idea seems ok but there is always room for improvment. If the children were to hit a rock they could hit heads. This may not seem like a big deal but with that kind of impact it can do some damage

Submitted by Anna

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