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Sumvision Ice 1000 Pmp

Posted on February 18, 2008 by , with 7401 views

Sumvision Ice 1000 Pmp

MP3 players have looked identical over the past few years, with only the i-pod breaking the mold and thus becoming most successful.

The latest MP3 player to be released is the Sumvision ICE 1000 PMP which very much is based on the i-phone in terms of functionality and aesthetics, with a touch screen display and similar functions.

The basic 4GB model hosts a 2.8" touch screen display which is protected by a stainless steel case. The player also includes a mircoSD memory card slot which allows for a further 2GB of memory.

The model costs �60 and looks and mimics the look of the i-phone and i-pod, blending the benefits of each device into a single MP3 player.


* Screen: 2.8 inch (320 x 240 pixels) TFT panel.
* Capacity: Built-in flash memory, up to 4GB.
* Memory Card Slot: Supports microSD card, up to 2GB.
* Operation buttons: Touch-panel.
* FM Stereo Radio: 20 channel presets manually and automatically.
* Power supply: Built-in Li-polymer rechargeable battery.
* Play time: MP3: More than 10 hours. (Screen off, with earphones)/MP4 or Games: More than 4 hours.
* Speaker: Built-in speaker.
* Weight: 62g.
* Dimensions: 90mm (L) x 55.5mm (W) x 12mm (H).
* Synchronous lyrics. (LRC format).
* Picture browse (JPEG format).
* E-book (TXT format).
* Recording function: Voice recording / FM stereo radio recording (internal).
* Play function: Audio files: Support MP3, WMA, etc. format files.
* Video files: Supports AVI(XviD) format files. ALL files must be converted to MP4 (XviD) format (software included).
* 7 equalizer modes (Normal, surround 3D, rock, pop, classic, bass, jazz)
* 7 play modes (Once, repeat one, folder once, folder repeat, all once, all repeat, introduction)

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Lists. Categorized by dinldeaes that either I or the clients set. I cant live without lists!! And a tiny moleskine calendar/journal that I carry everywhere. Im pretty sure my whole business would fall apart without those things o_o

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Who is the inventor of this product :? :? :?

Submitted by mark

I love your product its so coooooliio :p

Submitted by billly

How much is the memory card? Cause if that isnt much id get it

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Hmm this invention does not intrigue me..

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Doesnt seem like anything important...

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