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Stress Watch Indicates Your Stress Levels

Posted on September 27, 2009 by , with 22224 views

Stress Watch Indicates Your Stress Levels

This watch not only looks fantastic, but serves a great purpose which really should have been invented before now. But alas, it is now available.

The stress watch is aimed at busy people, with hectic lives, as it monitors stress levels throughout the day, and indicates your levels via a black bar graph on the screen. The blues and greens indicate a mellow mood, compared to pinks, reds, and oranges which indicate a stressed out individual.

Thankfully, the watch also tells the time (as you may expect), so you will never miss an appointment or meeting, though these meetings may cause your stress levels to soar. Once the stress levels hit a peak, you can take a rest and watch as your levels (hopefully) begin to drop.

The device is currently only a prototype, but one which many, many people would like to see come into production. Myself included.

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Lame xa koyaw va ..aha mna ma plit

Submitted by JR

Thanks for the interesting information

Submitted by antillorot

I love it!!!!!i can know if im stress!!!

Submitted by marie

I bought a mood ring and watch at walmart for $8.00 dose same thing

Submitted by biill bob

i think its cool

Submitted by tankado

Its awesome ! I would love to have something like this . ;)

Submitted by fabiola

That watch is no worth for me,

Submitted by Imran Khan

How can any gadget tells abt our mood??suppose I got stressed up by sme xternal factor will it turn red??what a waste....atleast tell how it works??it can only tell abt the work pressure nothing else... :oops: :?

Submitted by hitesh

I want this.. Hmmm wonder if ebay has this! Maybe not... Is it even open to the public? But this is an awsome thingy majiger... And yes shellz who did invent it... They need to fess up! They could make a killing off it! :oops: :p :oo: :d I just like dooing those faces... Ahh..

Submitted by JackSON

Come on... Who is going to fess up n tell who invited this thing... I think it wud be cool to have.. So wuts the cost?? Can someone plz tell me something?? Soon!?!?!?!?!?

Submitted by shellz

Kelangan q yan para pag nakipag sex aq alam q qng pagod na ung ka sex q

Submitted by ceah

I think the informations u have given are not shud have a concrete details like who invented it ,when it was invented????thonks like those and etc...plzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Submitted by jez

Your message here..who invented this im doing some hw pls help!!!!!

Submitted by idk pls an

Your message here.. :lol: :oops: :?

Submitted by Anonymous

Wow!i thnk dis gadget luk so nice le...

Submitted by cEnt

When having sex wearing this gadget, the stress level will go very low

Submitted by hi

I think michael mathis and gerda hopfgartner who invented this gagdet. You can visit my blog at

Submitted by Glaiza

Wow its very useful for people to know how much stress there they r having daily....... :roll: :d :d

Submitted by chinni

:) :oops: :d :lol: :p ;)

Submitted by Anonymous

.. Wow wat a nice gadget ..!!!

Submitted by .. ryZa

. .no
tenk yeo!!!!!!

Submitted by >mHotZz

Kiska dimag hai be????????? Mahol :roll:

Submitted by SNEHAL

Is it chinese....they r stressing the world now :oops:

Submitted by sexy

How much does it cost? :? :( :roll: :) it is pretty cool :oops: i'm stressing out a little :d upp... That's better.

Submitted by santaman88

Excuse me but whom invented this?

Submitted by english lo

Weee!! Good invention huh?? I hope it will truly made people aware of their stress level.. Could you invent gadgets that will make people know their future...hehehehe :lol: :lol: :lol: :d

Submitted by gracel

Hahahaha you all suck! But yeah cool inventoin dammit!!! If I ever see the person who made this... Watch out cuz ill get stressed!!! :d

Submitted by Chris Ange

This is so dumb.. Makes me wanna slap the chinese who invented it

Submitted by johnny bra

No stress no tension :) :p :( :lol: :?

Submitted by john

That is awesome. I'm using it for my science report

Submitted by anonymous

This iz good I also ned it

Submitted by seeeeeeeem

Very niceee.this is for my vurrent events. :p

Submitted by M.Yussuf

Pretty cool

bout who invented it ;)

Submitted by John

Love it! This is so amazing!lol:oops: :roll: 8) :lol: ;)

Submitted by lol^(Oo)^

Oh my gosh what have u done I wnt to kill :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Submitted by KillerBoy9

that's really good it helpes us to stay away from people when it is red.

Submitted by sneha

:roll: :d :oops: :? 8) :( killer watch, keep these inventions rollin'

Submitted by c-rad

Omg who the heck invented this?????????

Submitted by --jakesgrl

Where can I get one? My wife needs one quick! Then I can also look at it and stay away when its red.

Submitted by Anonymous

Ken. R,
the fact that this is a prototype only will answer (and rule out) most of your questions. And as for how it works, this is exlained in the article, the watch is strapped on to the wrist and stress levels are monitored and converted into a colour oriented chart on the watch itself.

Submitted by Admin

What date did it become available?
what's the family of technology?
what products preceded it?
how is it different from its predecessor?
who invented it?
how do you use it?
what's the cost of it?

Submitted by Ken R.

It's so cool, and ausome
i really like it

Submitted by ina

Who invented the stress watch

Submitted by Breanna

The new invention is very helpfull especially to those people who are busy and stress...

Submitted by Glacy Quee

Who invented that thing? Is it true? Ayaw pag binuwa

Submitted by NeoTRix

Thanks dude....but it didnt really help....... :( :)

Submitted by Surfdudett

Scam? Are you out of your mind??

the invention is nice..

actually amazing! :d

Submitted by dhana

Who made this? Is this a scam? :?

Submitted by yell

This seems really cool, but who made this? Or who is going to make this? Were was this made or were is this going to be made? You should have more info. In the paragraphs that your sharing. :)

Submitted by julia

It is awesome :roll: :roll:

Submitted by loly

Well I think this invention sucks!!! I think a two year old could make this get a life...

Submitted by Mike Awk

Useful invention only. But does it contains any options for privacy. Since ur neighbour shouldnt check ur stress level..!

Submitted by elan

Wat a great invention...this is very much useful to those busy people for them to monitor thier level of stress..

Submitted by May

:) it actually could one day save your life

Submitted by Leah H.

:) I think its cool that they came up they with something that could save your life

Submitted by Leah H.

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