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Spy Camera Sunglasses

Posted on March 18, 2008 by , with 11703 views

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Continuing our recent trend of spy gadgets and inventions, we bring to you this pair of Spy Camera Sunglasses which record life as it passes by.

The camera sunglasses are not X-Ray specs or see-through specs but they do capture 1.3 mega-pixel image snapshots. The resolution is modest at 1280*1024 and the inclusion of a remote control improves ease of use, and secretive snapshot taking. The glasses are built using a lightweight, yet highly durable material and a UV400 flip up polarized lens.

They run on a Polymer li-ion battery which is rechargeable allowing battery life up to 9 hours, based on 1 photo per minute. The sunglasses come equipped with a USB interface utilising a mini-USB port for fast and efficient data upload to your computer and vice versa, and also in order to charge the battery.

The 1GB of internal memory is meant for saving images, but if you prefer, you can also upload some music to keep you occupied as you sunbathe. The glasses are available from ThinkGeek for $99.99

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6nrwo0 thanks again for the article.much thanks again.

Submitted by bookmarkin

Why didn't you put who invented the spy camera on it?

Submitted by Khushbu

Wow. This is the best invention i've heard of :d

Submitted by sarah

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Submitted by Zehava

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Submitted by Wipqjsim

How much in the phil>?

Submitted by matthew

How match the spy camera sunglasses

Submitted by Jeric

I appreciate you :oops: :p

Submitted by regien

W0w parang nanonood ako ng x-rated... Amfefe...

Submitted by manoy

Who invented this and when was it invented ???

Submitted by tomm

Wow sick shades... I like them but u can't do x-ray vision :( :( lol but there still coool 1 photo a minute and lasts upto 9 hours :)

Submitted by tom(haybri

That is a marvelous discovery, it not only gives us hope for more unbelievably impressive inventions but cool for photographers too

Submitted by carly

Galing sobra... :lol: .,wula ak0 msabeh!!!!

Submitted by jimber lee

Hehehe.. Gnda nman nian 8)

Submitted by Gilmar

The glasses aren't very conspicuous, upgrade plz!

Submitted by Tomas

My invertion is better, the glass are noticeble, they should have made ordinary but equiped glass.

Submitted by ZODIAC

My invertion is better, the glass are noticeble, they should have made ordinary but equiped glass.

Submitted by ZODIAC

Omg!!!! I`m so going to buy it lolz! Not I could be spiderman

Submitted by Anonymous

Can u please post also the history of this spy camera sunglasses.thanks

Submitted by nayi

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