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Spy Camera Built Into Belt Buckle

Posted on March 14, 2008 by , with 9006 views

Spy Camera Built Into Belt Buckle

Spy cameras seem to grip the attention of younger gadget fans due to the fact that they are highly attainable, amusing and fun. They also have much more realistic uses, such as protecting yourself and or your property. Due to the popularity within the spy camera field, there are always new interesting and strange concepts being released, and here is a prime example.

A business called Ajoka has integrated a camera into a belt buckle. The quality of the video is far from great offering footage worse than YouTube quality, on a 176*144 pixel 3GP display. The spy camera belt buckle only uses 500Kb per minute. When transferring your filed to the 2GB MicroSD card that equates to an impressive 65 hours of video. Current battery power limits this length in any one session to three hours.

The bottom of the buckle contains the card slot, record button and a power switch which allows you to control when and where you capture video, in an effort to prolong battery life and performance. There is also a USB port for downloading video files directly onto your PC or laptop.

The belt itself does not broadcast any signals, so will be immune to wireless detectors, but not immune from clashing with your usual dress code. From that angle, it's difficult to know how good a video you will be able to achieve, unless the camera can pan up dramatically.

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This doesn,t tell me how to make it

Submitted by nathan

I want to learn how to make one ..i was amazed !!

Submitted by petal flow

Hi just want to say thank you
:d :p ;)

Submitted by janine

I love it.and I wish to have one

Submitted by Anonymous

That is so so so kool!!!!!

Submitted by Saraaaaaah

Ms mallet is fat mr hurley suks her pussy

Submitted by jim bobady

I wonder how they made it !!8-|

Submitted by banty

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