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Sony Psp Go To Arrive In October

Posted on June 4, 2009 by , with 18024 views

Sony Psp Go To Arrive In October

Before Sony had time to prepare and announce their new PSP concept at E3, details have already emerged concerning the new generation of portable console. The recent Sony PSP-3000, the third evolvement, looks set to be displaced by the new Go.
The PSP Go is expected to hit stores in North America on 1st October, while Europe/Asia will welcome the product the following month. The retail price will be set at $249.

The PSP-3000 will continue to be sold during this time, and consumer opinions will determine which portable gaming console should be continued. The PSP Go will not come with a UMD drive, but will include 16GB of internal memory which will support on-demand entertainment via the PlayStation Network. This all depends on download speeds and in some areas the speeds will be extremely slow, and render the console effectively useless to them. These areas may have to settle for the PSP-3000 for the time being.

The PSP Go also exhibits an easy-slide panel, a 'game sleep' function which allows you to activate the XrossMediaBar while game-play is temporarily suspended. Bluetooth enabled technology and a whole host of accessories are also included with the PSP Go.

What do you think of the new PSP Go? Will it be as successful as the DS Lite was for Nintendo?

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