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Solio Announce In Car Solar Hands Free Gadget

Posted on February 18, 2009 by , with 11455 views

Solio Announce In Car Solar Hands Free Gadget

Soilio have released their latest product, the Solio Communicator, which is based on solar energy.

This accessory is a hands free phone kit for your car which sticks onto your windscreen, using suckers, and utilises energy from the sun, which connects via Bluetooth to surrounding mobile phones.

The gadget is all well and good, but looks extremely large, primarily due to the large solar panel. The product claims that you will 'never need to think about a battery again', but does come with a ciagrette lighter charger, for when the sun goes down. The device will retail at £70, if you fancy attaching a number of accessories to your windscreen in the day time. Otherwise, we can't see the attraction.

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What a joke! You need more inforation!

Submitted by d

I can help sell this gadget in nigeria. Please how can I get to order for this and what are the facilities available

Submitted by olabisi

Your message here.. :roll:

Submitted by oulrak

I think its crap and it will never catch on because of the design and its just not a neccesity to have. I can do without it. Biuld something I can't do without.

Submitted by Anonymous

Who is the inventor of this invention :p :p :p :p

Submitted by oliver sal

Your message here.. :d cool

Submitted by kk

I am also impresed about this invention.what an idea! :)

Submitted by rs

Hi! I�m nikki, I was amazed in your invention, can I have some question?
pls. Answer it urgently �coz it was my proj.
-why you invent this gadget?
-there�s some case that you encounter trouble? What is it?
-how many trials that you encounter?
-why you called it solio announce in car solar hands?
-it comes to your mind to sell it?
-what is the use of it to the community?

-when you invent solio announce in car hands?
-who are the people behind this invention?
-does your government support you?
-what are the advantageand disadvantages?
-who is your inspirations?

.._just reply in [email protected], hope for your urgent answer. Thank you!

Submitted by nikki

What is the inventor name????? :?

Submitted by Joshua

Anonymous says on 14th february cool................ :lol: :roll: :d :? :) :p :oops: 8) :? ;)

Submitted by jam

What is the essence of that invention??? :roll:

Submitted by chorva

Your message here.. :( :) :roll: :d :d :? :? :oops: :( :( :) :) :roll: :) :) :) :) ;)

Submitted by Anonymous

:( what a disgusting invention!! :lol:

Submitted by OL RYT!

:lol: :oops: :? 8) 8) :roll: :) :( 8)

Submitted by anonymous

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