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Solar Powered Battery Pack Recharger

Posted on December 11, 2007 by , with 10308 views

Solar Powered Battery Pack Recharger

Every little contribution to improve our environment is now a welcome one given the current state of the planet and the direction it is self-destructively heading towards. Batteries, although small as we all know, generate power and constantly replacing batteries, and throwing flat batteries away isn't a particularly useful way of conserving energy and limiting emissions.

Rechargeable batteries are a slightly better option. Although, this process still requires power from a main source to revitalize the current within the battery and bring them back from the dead. So, the next logical step - a way to maintain charge within a single battery for as long as possible - without the requirement of a mains power source to reincarnate the battery.

The solution comes from the sun, the largest energy source available to us. This battery pack can recharge batteries by drawing in the sun's rays and applying the energy as power. The pack also hosts a USB port which allows all other portable devices to play exclusively from the Solar power.

The one current snag is that only batteries provided by the company which have developed the charger will operate - as they warn any other batteries used could combust. The pack is available for around $54.

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Sep 14 2008your message here.. 8)

Submitted by SWEET ARO

:oops: :d :roll: :lol: :( :) ;) :p :?

Submitted by mheri so nice invention..i hope lot of people can afford to buy it...

Submitted by arciel

it is wonder ful

Submitted by yash mahaj

- wow its so amazing!!!!

- nice invention!!!

Submitted by dexter

Ill be ur friend sweet_moni

Submitted by ill be ur

Hello everyone..... :d .. :p is one of the great inventions as of now..... But the question is.. What if it rains?......... Add me as a friend.. Ill wait for you

Submitted by sweet_moni

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Submitted by sweet_moni

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Submitted by zak hooper

That looks pretty cool :d

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