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Smile Recognition Camera Captures Perfect Photo

Posted on November 6, 2007 by , with 11421 views

Smile Recognition Camera Captures Perfect Photo

Cameras are developing more and more, with the addition of new software and technological advances. First we were introduced to face recognition software which allows faces to be automatically detected and sharpened up, adjusted to your own liking. A continuation of this is smile recognition. Smile recognition captures the perfect photograph, by snapping whenever a smile is picked up, ensuring every photo raises a smile.

Once a smile is recognised the shutter clicks and a photo is taken. The option can, of course, be turned off, to allow for other photographs and moods to be taken without hesitation. Amazingly, different degrees of smiles can manually be set by the user, to capture broad smiles or wry smiles or a smile somewhere in between.

So never take another depressing photo, and look into purchasing the latest in camera technology via the smile recognition camera. Say cheese and snap one up soon!

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Aaddlb major thanks for the blog post.really thank you! Awesome.

Submitted by bookmarkin

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Submitted by Er

:oops: ummmmm....not intrested

Submitted by mary

:roll: lol..

i doont like it

Submitted by meh

Wazzzzzz uuuuuuppppp :) :d :d :d

Submitted by poopy

Wazzzzzz uuuuuuppppp :) :d :d :d

Submitted by Anonymous

It's really a good one ..!! :d

Submitted by Maryam

This is so cute...
amazing.. :roll:

Submitted by cute

I love to smile, so I wud love this camera. It aint dat serious to be cursin bout a camera. If you dont have anything nive to say you shudnt say it at all.. Besides thats very childish

Submitted by jazzyjay

Lets not make emo remarks.

Submitted by damon

Your dad goes to college. Um I won't smile just for this piece of shit!

Submitted by yourdadgoe

This is sooooo sweettttt!!!! I know what for christmas!!!!
joeeeee 8) :d :d :d :p

Submitted by joeeee

This is sooooo sweettttt!!!! I know what for christmas!!!!
joeeeee 8) :d :d :d :p

Submitted by joeeee

This is an amazing idea whoever doesn't like it you guys are gay and emo

Submitted by Anonymous

I have better ideas for this kind of technology

Submitted by 666

Fools.. Your to childish to think what it is for. Read more study first.don't say things if you cant match the level of their intelligence. Tsk,kids.

Submitted by Dead Pool

I think this is fuckin stupid

Submitted by yo momma

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