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Smartfish Engage Keyboard Ergonomically Efficient

Posted on January 4, 2011 by , with 32767 views

Smartfish Engage Keyboard Ergonomically Efficient

An on-going two year production from manufacturers Smartfish has finally been completed and is soon ready to be unveiled. The keyboard, previously known as the Pro Motion and Ergomotion, has been revamped with an elegant all-black finish and boasting a 150 dollar price tag.

The keyboard exhibits an internal motor which adjusts the two halves of the keyboard based on the individuals typing frequency. The adjustments made help combat fatigue, an effort developed in collaboration with The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

The keyboard looks impressive, and the ideas behind the self-adjustement mechanism sound very sophisticated. Until the keyboard is officially released, we're not sure how it feels to use - but stay tuned for more information when it becomes available.

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Doug it may help with typing speed but I would qustoien the grammar changes start at my typing speed . Still love mine and more and more uses are being found.

Submitted by Rafaela

Cclp5s this is one awesome article post.really thank you! Really cool.

Submitted by bookmarkin

Can u place such a science concept??

Submitted by ilovearnol

It may not be applicable to everyone.

Submitted by marina

;) sweet I like it can I use it 8)

Submitted by Josh

:) cool but not applicable to everyone

Submitted by Sasikala.M

:lol: nice very good idea.

Submitted by Arslan ali

Gd but wt are its uses...........

Submitted by vijay

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Submitted by smelmbads

I don't understand what it is :roll: :?

Submitted by bob

One day, a man has invented this foolish kibord, it is of poor quality and the teacher could not give him full mark on this project as it is not a marvellous ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Submitted by nabil paur

:p ;) tro foss sa kibord la

Submitted by sara

Wow,what a amazing invention.

Submitted by franklin

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Submitted by ebrima low

Woow that,s a good idea :d

Submitted by nardeen

Wow! Ang galing naman. :d ;)

Submitted by weewee

Preety cool idea to invent haha :d

Submitted by Samantha

Sounds pretty cool to me. Just would take some time to adjust to.

Submitted by brad

i think it is fake....
because if it is true then send a confermation copy on my email..
[email protected]
if you have that ability then try it..
i challenge you...

Submitted by Aryan

Well I thank that would be a good idea for a keyboard instead of using one side

Submitted by nykee

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