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Smallest Fishing Rod In Shape Of A Pen

Posted on August 26, 2007 by , with 8615 views

Smallest Fishing Rod In Shape Of A Pen

Fishing usually means carrying an excessively long rod around (insert your own jokes here). Now, thanks to this telescopic invention, the rod has been shrunk down to 8 inches, increasing portability for the less professional of anglers.

"Made of high quality stainless steel and polished aluminum. This fishing rod is small but can catch fish up to 4lbs. When closed: 8 inches and fully extends to 37inches. It's not just a toy, you can actually catch fish! It's small and lightweight, you can store it anywhere. Don't buy junk, get the real thing. Come with stainless steel reel: forward and reverse ratchet stop with drag control and casting brake. Capacity: 120 yd on 5lb line. (also includes hooks, everything you need to get started fishing) Gear ratio 5:1."

The perfect fishing rod for those wishing to carry the minimum necessary and still achieve a bite or two. Reel good!

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