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Samsonite Luggage Trolley With Built In Scooter

Posted on December 8, 2009 by , with 21631 views

Samsonite Luggage Trolley With Built In Scooter

Dragging your luggage around with you is a mundane and painful task, especially on the way back from an action-packed, or relaxing holiday. Well now you can stop pulling around your luggage and wheeling it back home, thanks to this new invention. The Samsonite luggage bag is also a mini scooter, allowing you to scoot around with your luggage safely tucked away.

Just think about when everyone else is carrying around their luggage, whilst you just jump on your scooter and fly by them, shortening your trip back home, and also making it a little more fun! It's a simple idea, but an extremely effective product, which we think will prove immensely popular, so look out in airports near you for scooters flying past you from all directions.

The scooter also folds up, allowing you to use it as a normal luggage carrier, but why minimise the fun?! The bag itself is rather small, so you may very well be able to use this for your on-board luggage bag.

Details on where this product is available and how much the scooter luggage bag will be are currently unknown, but expect them to hit the market pretty soon!

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Possible, but we'll see, my guess is he's going for dark blue, black or some other neutral color. If we both end up riindg it a lot we might get a second one and then I can get a pink bedazzled one or something that would also likely ensure that he doesn't take mine instead

Submitted by Silvana

They need a backpack version for students.

Submitted by darcywarcy

Thats awesome now im not great with technology but who ever made this is a total genius

Submitted by Nichole

Will this topple over if you over stuff it? And about safety. Isn't there a law stating you can't ride wheeled gadgets in a crowded area like malls?

Submitted by joesomello

Niceeeee I will use it in my presentation abt funky products :d

Submitted by mini me

:roll: it looks fun but airports would probably ban them

Submitted by cphut

Who is the author of this invention?

Submitted by rodel bual

Feeblebear says on 3rd november 2010
i would like to wash your stink mouth out with soap, you must be an little ass*****

Submitted by Gerhard

Oh my gawdd!!! Now I can scoot wif my bros around de airport and we can have our saboofa and people will be like omfg they are soooo gangsta/ rebel/ malad/ awsum!! :d

Submitted by feeblebear

It's a good idea, but if you tried riding your scooter in the airport, you'd probably get shot. I almost got shot for running through the hong kong kaitak airport once, and on this thing, you'd be moving target practice for homeland security.

Submitted by Yugan Dali

I shud be of gud quality also..

Submitted by sab

I guess it's from china. Chinese people is very creative you know

Submitted by Fat Bob

Your message here.. :roll: who is the inventor?

Submitted by jezza sola

Who is the inventor? So cool... :lol:

Submitted by shane

:p buti naman ang saya siguro mag scooter sa airport kung dala mo yan kasi malaki yung space. ;)

Submitted by Marquee

This is the sexx mann . I want one. Where can I get this?

Submitted by Zee

This is fucking ownage man!!!!!! Im barack obama and I aprove this message :d ;) :p :) :( :lol:

Submitted by obama

This product would be much funnnn :d

Submitted by alyx

Your message here.. :? 8) :d :oops: :lol: :roll: :) :( :p ;) 8) :oops:

Submitted by Aha

Doing a report on it and it could sound useful 8)

Submitted by Moomoo

That mug is beast man I gotta get one 8)

Submitted by jared

For someone with limited walking stamina, like myself, this could eliminate having to get a skycap to push me in a wheelchair. I wonder how many tips i'd have to save to buy one!

Submitted by lgJohnny

Whos in the right mind who will scoot around the aiport wearing a business suit or dress? sure children cant ride it too because they might hit or injured someone..silly invention...i have a better one in my mind.

Submitted by meh

This gadget is specifically useful for those traveler...

Submitted by udjaman

This is good for the mans traveler..
not heavy

Submitted by sadam

Your message here.. ;) :p :( :) :roll: :lol: :oops: :d :? 8)

Submitted by Smiley

Dis is off da chain dang I gota get me 1 homie!

Submitted by BHadd Bish

I think this is awesome cuz u could just zip right past ppls! :) 8) :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d

Submitted by Lauren

I luv it, it's cool. I will get one for ma grandma.. Lol

Submitted by Jay

It is a great invention 4 old people :lol: :roll: :) :( :( :( :( :(

Submitted by al

Hhahah its a pretty cool invention except that I need more inventions I do invention articles every tuesday!!!keep in mind!! :p ;) :roll:

Submitted by pretty gur

Dont listen too those butt heads can u put more cool inventions on cuz I do tech articles eevry day
love. Emory

Submitted by ppl3haters

Hy its kool,.. But wud lyk 2 kno mor abt it ;)

Submitted by Yesmirtha.

:roll: that is kinda kool but not really

Submitted by mother fuc

roll eyesr

Submitted by jfgfgfgf

Hi this is pretty invention every one needs in traveling

Submitted by vijay kuma

Excellent idea,can be modified as required.

Submitted by chakrapani

It looks really small it can carry two shoes and a laptop :? :? :? :? :? :?

Submitted by shabalabad

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