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Robbo Bicycle Powered By All Four Limbs

Posted on June 12, 2008 by , with 15690 views

Robbo Bicycle Powered By All Four Limbs

Here is another bike with a twist, a bicycle which exercises all four limbs, without being restricted to indoors. The concept is built around a regular bicycle, but with a swivel axel attached to allow your arms to increase both your muscle and your speed. It is extremely easy to make and attach to a common bicycle and within a few hours of practice, you should be able to ride it as if you've been using it since you very first learned to ride a bike.

It is rare for a bike to offer exercise to the upper body, so therefore is an all round comprehensive workout. The bike termed 'Robbo' includes a swivel lever design which can be applied to many existing machines including paraplegic sports wheel chairs, or one leg cycle machines. It adds more power to a machine, since both your arms and legs are supplying energy to the dynamo.

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So basically is it a bike made for people handicapped

Submitted by Caitweenco

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Submitted by mr.t

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