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Revolving Doors Set To Generate Power

Posted on February 10, 2008 by , with 9965 views

Revolving Doors Set To Generate Power

In many buildings for companies and organizations, doors are being used almost constantly as people walk in and out of the premises. Nothing exciting in that admittedly, but say these doors were to be replaced by the new Revolution Door from Fluxxlab. The Revolution Door acts as a turbine which uses the kinetic energy of people to transfer into a more useful energy.

The central core of the door is key to the way in which the door functions. It is within this core where the energy transfer takes place, which in theory could receive and create enough power to provide a free form of electricity to the remainder of the building or to small segments of the building.

If you think of the vast quantity of buildings in existence, then it makes sense to conserve this free energy and to cut down on expenses for such a trivial concept. It really does open doors for organizations!

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Submitted by JakeHilfte

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Submitted by greetingsf

I hope it will work................ :lol:

Submitted by reyan

Its is cool but when doing a project about the history of the revolving door it doesnt give me the right amount of info or right info I need for the project. :?

Submitted by Anonymous

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Submitted by pingo viej

Power saver

Submitted by ramon

Revolutionary invention for the 3rd world people

Submitted by adnan

I hope I can use that.. :d

Submitted by nadare

Can I know your secret behind this invention? :lol:

Submitted by syed

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Submitted by deepan

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Submitted by joqueisha

This was an wondreful invention.

Submitted by joqueisha

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Submitted by ishin

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Submitted by YANET

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