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Reppo Ii Backpack With A Unique Musical Twist

Posted on March 12, 2008 by , with 8618 views

Reppo Ii Backpack With A Unique Musical Twist

The Reppo II backpack is a backpack with a twist. The backpack created by Joonas Saaranen, a design student has a pair of twin inbuilt speakers and a single amplifier for added clarity and sound.

The design has been transformed into a fully functional prototype but has not yet entered into mass production. Therefore details are scarce but the initial concept looks inventive and creative.

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Submitted by Ipo

Thanks for the latest devices

Submitted by musa balde

Lol it's a good idea but old people will complain about loud music!!! 8) ;) :p :( :lol: :oops: :d 8) :? :(

Submitted by tom .. (ha

Yah me too I need it for my repoting

Submitted by sean

I need more latest inventions....huhuhu.. :[
..i need it for my project... :?

Submitted by stupid sup

Your message here.. :roll:

Submitted by kymani

It's very good idea :d :lol:

Submitted by amira

Wats the point in having speakers on a bag people will just complain :p
it would be a good invention but it just wouldn't be right in the modern society 8)

Submitted by Roshan

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Submitted by jkrhjfkvbh

Sup tevyn my name is mclovin

Submitted by ashlee

I would love one of these reppo 2 back packs

Submitted by tyler loft

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