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Reconfigurable Electooptical System For Low Vision

Posted on October 18, 2007 by , with 7386 views

Reconfigurable Electooptical System For Low Vision

Those suffering from poor vision, realise the importance of refraining from driving as the consequences can be fatal. Nevertheless researchers in Spain have developed a computer simulation device which can allow those with limited sight to drive more safely. The system has been termed SERBA (Sistema Electro-optico Reconfigurable de ayuda para Baja Vision) which translates to Reconfigurable Electric-Optical System for Low Vision. The device makes use of Field Programmable Gate Array which allows the mechanism to be altered under different conditions. For example, if the vision of the user deteriorates, a software update can easily be loaded onto the device without the need to purchase a brand new SERBA.

Obviously, we do not mean those users with long or short sighted vision, we are talking about those with reduced field of vision or lack of visual awareness or sharpness due to any number of eye diseases, the most common being Retinitis Pigmentosa. The driver uses the transparent viewfinder which in turn uses a real-time video processing system which can evolve in tandem with the user's disease. Thus far, eight drivers have experimented with the system and early results appear promising.

Via an internet connection the internal memory can be updated with further updates and the Field Programmable Gate Array is loaded and maintained automatically. The images appear through the viewfinder which resembles images used in the Army, and allow those troubled with sight to still remain mobile.

So ease off the handbrake and take this device for a test drive when and if they become commonplace.

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Not bad at all felals and gallas. Thanks.

Submitted by Sagi

Excellent work, artists, currators, organizers.
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thank you very much :-d. Miriam.

Submitted by Miriam

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