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Pseudo Touchscreen Domia X10

Posted on May 13, 2007 by , with 6513 views

Pseudo Touchscreen Domia X10

The Pseudo touchscreen Domia X10 looks like an LCD screen with a pressure sensitive layer. However, as you look more closely it is a conventional photo frame with an added pressure sensitive layer underneath.

The device works by placing a photograph of a room you wish to control onto the upper layer. The lighting can then be controlled by applying pressure to the corresponding areas, much like a touch screen. As each appliance is pressed, the devices will react instantaneously.

The downside of this gadget is that the picture has to be cut and pasted and formatted within a word template and scaled to the correct proportions. Configuring the picture via a better interface would be much improved and alleviate the burden of setting it up yourself.

The contraption retails at �200 and whilst it may look flash in your home, the image will no doubt fade over time due to the penetrating Ultra Violet rays and appears as a tacky version of an LCD equivalent. A good idea, but at this price and standard, I can't see it being touched by many.

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At last! Something clear I can undertasnd. Thanks!

Submitted by Shivshanka

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