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Parrot Jumping Sumo Jumps Into Action

Posted on July 25, 2014 by , with 10431 views

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We here at InventionReaction love robots and drones, and this is no exception. Courtesy of, the Parrot Jumping Sumo looks brilliant fun. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the bot can reach speeds up to 7km/hr and can jump up to a maximum height of 80cm.

The bot is extremely robust and also includes a "kicker", which is effectively a coiled spring at the front which can be used to kick objects which get in its path. Also included is a wide view camera which records every moment and streams it, in real time, to your mobile or tablet device. The wheel base can be adjusted to allow the bot to manoeuvre through narrower areas.

The fact that the robot is not radio controlled, gives more control and the sophisticated technology delivers a smoother ride. There are also customisable sounds which can be programmed in.

Here come the specifications..

Product Features:

Super-intelligent and versatile robotic buggy
Can jump, push objects and balance all by itself
Easily controlled using your smartphone (connects via Bluetooth)
Wireless range of up to 50 meters in free-field conditions
Generates its WiFi(r) (AC) 2.4 or 5 Ghz network
Wide-angle camera that streams live and immersive views on the piloting screen
Available in three colours – black, white and khaki
Inertial unit with a gyroscope and an accelerometer
A speaker produces sound exclaimations depending on your Jumping Sumo's mood
Battery lasts for 20 minutes (re-chargeable in 1 hour)
Cheeky LED eyes indicate the status of Sumo Jumping
Wheels open for greater stability in high-speed and re-tract in "compact" mode to enhance agility and navigate narrow areas
Kit includes: 1 Jumping Sumo, 1 micro-USB cradle, 3 stickers, 2 rubber pads, 1 battery, 1 quick start guide

With wheels extended 18.5cm(W) x 11cm(H) x 15cm(D)
With wheels tightened 14.3cm(W) x 11cm(H) x 15cm(D)

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How high does it jump?

Submitted by oscar delg

Can I have a waffle

Submitted by cant say

I wuld like to buy one of these.

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Submitted by hi


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Wow! What an awesome invention!

Submitted by Adam

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