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Panasonic 12 Megapixel Dmc Fx100 Hd Camera

Posted on May 28, 2007 by , with 6712 views

Panasonic 12 Megapixel Dmc Fx100 Hd Camera

The quality of pictures on digital cameras is growing and the resolutions are rapidly growing to accommodate society's demands.

Panasonic have introduced a 12.2 mega-pixel camera, similar size and proportions to current cameras but boasting a fantastic photo sharpness. The camera also allows for High Definition recordings for video playback.

The Lumix DMC-FX100 is expected to hit the market in July, and advances on the previous highest camera specification, in terms of mega-pixels, by Panasonic which is a current mere 7.2 megapixels.

Videos can be recorded at an impressive 15 frames per second but the included 27Mb card will not accomodate many movies so an update on the memory card may be required initially.

The Lumix DMC-FX100 includes an exclusive 28mm wide angle LEICA DC lens. The camera also includes a 3.6x optical zoom, 1/1.72-inch large CCD, f/2.8 brightness and Intelligent Image Stabilisation with Mega O.I.S. and Intelligent ISO Control.

The Burst mode allows for up to 8 photographs to be taken per second in full resolution on the 2.5 inch LCD screen. The camera will be available in both black and silver.

For the professional photographer look no further than the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX100. Snap one up in July!

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