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Norman Design 160 Inch Curved Gaming Screen

Posted on August 6, 2012 by , with 25848 views

Norman Design 160 Inch Curved Gaming Screen

If you enjoy your video games and are looking to take the gaming experience to a brand new level, look no further. From Swedish manufacturer, Norman Design, comes this super impressive 160 inch curved screen, perfect for submerging the player deep into the
game. This screen would be perfect for F1 themed games with both front and rear projection allowing for training in F1 to take place away from the dangers of the track.

The screen comes with an F1 body which moves in all directions to heighten the driving simulation but will set you back the grand sum of $114,285.

For those without an endless supply of money, there is an alternative version which runs off an Intel 17-PC and bundled software - for a more realistic price of $28,570.

The screen ways 50kg and takes approximately 1 hour to assemble. A PC with specialised software is required to create the images from the rear-mounted projection system.

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Submitted by Anonymous

How much does this cost?

Submitted by Anna

I need this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Tarzan

A really cool idea

Submitted by sol

This is perfect

Submitted by sexy boy

Im buying 3 of them so I can make a complete circle!

Submitted by Fluke

Awesome!!!just awesome, the thought of the screen makes me salivate!

Submitted by hongo

Wow! 160 inch tv! Now that's a tv you'll want. The tv I have is only like 64" inch. That is a big tv.

Submitted by austin

I want to know more details in this amazing screen. There ain't enough information on this 160 inch gaming screen please give more info ..

Submitted by Justin

O.o ermahgerd. This is amazing!!

Submitted by Cathlyn M.

I want to know the detales of this invention for my research and my report!!dis is so nice!!!

Submitted by jundel lau

At last, smnoeoe who knows where to find the beef

Submitted by Ega

U3ufv9 I loved your article.much thanks again. Will read on...

Submitted by cheap seo

This is a great invention for gamers who really loves to get in the moment of the game. Very expensive, but it seem like it will pay off in he long run!

Submitted by Sammy

I love this as I love danielle tenorio
hahaha lol

Submitted by cutad_PISQ

The screen is good but it is very costly and heavy and need lot of space so, this is not a good choice.

Submitted by krishan sh

The screen is good but it is very costly and heavy and need lot of space so, this is not a good choice.

Submitted by krishan sh

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