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Nokia S60 Touch Interface

Posted on October 16, 2007 by , with 7620 views

Nokia S60 Touch Interface

Nokia announced their latest product to hit the market today at the Symbian Smart phone show. It comes in the form of the Nokia S60 Touch Interface, Nokia's most profound interface to date. The touch sensitive display allows both finger and stylus inputs, considering which technology is being utilised. Applications designed for the S60 3rd Edition will continue to run as normal, literally untouched but with further customisation possible.

Generic proximity and light sensors are both supported, and a UI Accelerator Toolkit offers more sophisticated looking graphics. The S60 Web Browser will include a Flash Video Player which will transform your phone into a full-scale multimedia device.

The S60 Touch Interface is to become available during 2008 according to Nokia, obviously unsure as to how long the device will take to settle into the mainstream market. I'm sure they'll keep in Touch!

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Submitted by Normah

Its very expensive! hahah! ;) 8) :?

Submitted by dimple

Can I get free??
i mean free..

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Submitted by CANE

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