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Night Vision Goggles

Posted on August 16, 2009 by , with 20137 views

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As any soldier will tell you, the best time to strike is at night using the elephant of surprise (that may be a typo) and a pair of Night Vision Goggles. Now your kids can experience the thrill of night manoeuvres in your back garden. These goggles will allow them to see up to 15 metres ahead of them in absolute darkness. They look pretty darn cool too. Who hasn't wanted to wear a pair of Night Vision Goggles? Not that anyone will be able to see them of course.

The goggles work using infra-red light and at full power the light is still barely visible to the naked eye. Whether you're spotting badgers, owls, or the kids are playing "terrify the bejesus out of each other", these are a heap of fun. They're designed for kids, but we firmly believe that just means the young at heart!


* A pair of night vision goggles for playing "soldiers" in the garden.
* The goggles emit infra-red light allowing you to see up to 15 metres in absolute darkness.
* The infra-red light settings can be adjusted for close quarter combat.
* An adjustable head strap.
* Unsuitable for real combat (but you knew that already... we hope).
* Suitable for ages 8 years +.
* Requires 5 x AA batteries (not included).
* Size: 20 x 19.5 x 15.5 cm.

You can buy the night vision goggles by
clicking here!

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Good 2 c 1 more new tech

Submitted by prazzprasa

Good 2 c 1 more new tech

Submitted by prazzprasa

Can u see in the dark with them

Submitted by cooter

This is awesome!!!!!!!!11

Submitted by sacha

:? 8) :oops: :d :lol: :roll: :( :) :p ;)

this is cool!!!!

Submitted by 57327594

Can this see through clothes...woah, to much info

Submitted by I

Nice, now I can spy on girls at nice. You know, like the ones who make out. That is really hot.

Submitted by I

Cool!!! But can you see through people there? Nah nah just messin... :roll:

Submitted by Chris ANge

These are better than the ones I wasted my money on with mw2

Submitted by plz94

I would like some of thoses babys

Submitted by tony

B-) hihihi I can use it to sekodeng... Beware girls...

Submitted by makno

I would so want one of the 8) 8) 8) 8)

Submitted by Flynn

it is good as well as bad also...

Submitted by sneha

Atleast you can see in the dark when you have sex haha

Submitted by IzzyBayBay

I [heart) bobby sandlin. Hes so yummmy. Hmmhmmhmm .

Submitted by bootielici

Omg if only my mom would bye it!!!!!! :(

Submitted by henry

This is a really cool gadget:who invented it 8)

Submitted by awsom

Awesome!!! :d :d :d :d :p

Submitted by geek


Submitted by YTIMHCS
..think 4 boyzz only,.. :roll:

Submitted by sly loves

Cool!!! Hope we had it...

Submitted by irish

I am green with jealous rage right now :oops: or I guess I should say pink...

Submitted by kittens ru

Thats an awesome invention

Submitted by JOS

Hu invennted these

Submitted by zak fox

Cool it would be like having agent powers like james bond :d

Submitted by lol

This is a very cool gadget. Only if I could get my wife to like it. :d

Submitted by jordan

This is such a cool gadget

Submitted by Luke

Can that realy seeeeeeeee in the dark??????????????????///// :roll:

Submitted by zester

I don wan this to have as I have a vision of my own like an ass

Submitted by RADHIKA

Thats great thanks :lol: :p

Submitted by mooshi

That's cool...i wanna try.....

Submitted by ryann

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